Fashion / Image


As the Matrix-Mind construct becomes more clear, we can see things we couldn’t necessarily or easily see before. I’d like to shine a spotlight on the fashion and image programs embedded into us through the dark Matrix agenda of power and control.


We have given away the power associated with self-acceptance and eldership as we were entrained to idolize extreme youth and unattainable physiques.


I strongly recommend recapitulating your life in terms of images of beauty, desirable body shape, desirability at-large, ‘coolness,’ ‘success,’ and all the opposites as well: what is undesirable, uncool, ugly, etc.


Expunge that which Idolizes Image


Back-track & recall it all: from the magazines and movies to the more recent online, social media  image-platforms. We need to expunge and be done with anything that idolizes image period, but codes of false beauty and the very young particularly. By idolizing these false codes we are feeding the deepest, darkest perversions presently being revealed.  The images we were wired to worship and driven to attain were created to further worship ‘their’ perversions and cause us to wreck our bodies and deny our own embodiment of beauty-truths.


In shedding these perverted, false programs, we can embrace true beauty and value maturity, strength and the sacred geometries of the body (inside & out) as an embodiment of the purest manifestation of Light-in-form.


This will bring a new level of freedom and empowerment to so many of you!


in loving service,


Natalia Rose