Find Your Voice


It’s a simple message today: if you are afraid to speak out about things you feel are critically important because you feel scared to do so you are suppressed and that suppression will negatively impact your Spirit and Soul, not to mention your physical, mental and emotional health.


Please do not let anyone intimidate you from expressing something you truly believe in. The good people of the world will not shut you down, even if they disagree with you. Good people are not bullies. We can share different perspectives and not feel the need to control one another, shame one another, demean or discredit one another.


Furthermore, taking a position on matters of life and death, freedom and enslavement, the sacred and the desecrating does not equate to being divisive, despite what cyber-bullies would have you believe as they attempt to shut you down. Standing up and fighting for those who cannot protect themselves or for inalienable rights is the essence of courage and nobility. Evil lives to muddle up and confuse the most fundamental truths like this one.


While you’re finding your strength and your voice, please remember that when people attack you for the various ‘privileges’ they presume you to have or hurl other terms at you, that they know nothing about you and so these callous jabs say everything about them and nothing about you.


Rediscover Your Authenticity


Look, we need to help each other out of the dark Matrix and a huge part of setting ourselves free is rediscovering our authentic, individual voice and learning to use it honorably: it is your s/word of truth. You’ll either use it to break free or you’ll be on the receiving end of a s/words-person co-opting your power. Silence has its noble moments, indeed, but chosen as an alternative to fear or intimidation is not one of them. In such a case, silence becomes poison in the form of suppression. Suppression of flow is the beginning of the death cycle.


I’ve had too many people tell me how afraid they are of speaking out about what they believe and care about because of how they will be ridiculed and condemned by their friends, family, social media circle, etc.


Yes, you most likely will be ridiculed and insulted. This sort of thing has become a regular part of my life. Thankfully, I know the territory well – I’ve been misunderstood and disagreed with in impolite, unkind, unloving ways since childhood. If I had capitulated to the bullies that littered my path over the decades, I probably would not be alive today.


Their broken spirits aim to break you down. They do not offer healthy debate, they project and assume their own context, ignoring yours. These are dysfunctional people with dysfunctional ways of communicating. Please do not let such people intimidate or suppress you.


In the flow of your voice, you wield your power, your pure essence.


Having Heart


Coeur is French for heart. Coeur-age or “courage” is the state of having heart. Your voice, if it’s authentic, rises from your deepest knowing, is subsequently distilled by the purity and truth of your heart and then comes up and out through your throat/voice. Sometimes it is expressed through the hands as in writing/typing where it still first must pass through the heart.


I wish you all courage with your voices, no matter what authentic truth you need to express. Don’t let the cyber-bullies or any other false codes programmed into you or social conditioning suppress such critical life force.


Your reward for withstanding a bit of ridicule from people who are either so programmed by the Matrix and/or addicted to twisting things up to maintain their steady intake of negative energy will be your Soul growth, the only currency worth anything within this earth realm.




-in loving service,