Join me at the Freedom Kitchen Summit, August 25-29


Take the Free Masterclass Sessions to Find Freedom Through Food, Hear How to Nourish Your Body AND Your Soul, and Learn How to Live Like the Future Matters. Because it Does.


  • Nourish your body, your mind, and your future- learn simple steps to eat better, feel better, and do better.
  • Detox your ecosystem- find out how to cleanse your kitchen and help your family thrive in a toxic world.
  • Become a conscious consumer – learn the consequences of our food choices and how we can change the status quo.
  • Join the good food movement- connect with a community that cares about health, humanity, and our children’s future.
  • Learn the threats- find out how the food industry is ruining our children’s future, and learn how we can team up to turn this around.


This Summit is Free to attend live on August 25-29. Upon registration, you will be given the option to purchase access passes to the Summit for the video recordings of the speakers, special gifts and extra courses!

Register Here!

Hope to see you there!