Human food: This might seem like an obvious term. Not so! People tend to assume that whatever is sold as food is human food. In fact, truly human food is a much shorter list. Food that is truly human implies that we would consume it, seamlessly assimilate and conduct its nutrients and then fully eliminate what remains through our bowel, skin and other eliminative organs. The foods that fit that bill are raw fruits and vegetables and their juices, raw young coconuts and mother’s milk when we are babies.

There are many other foods outside this category that we can consume and you are even expected to consume even though they are not so purely perfect. Some, like cooked vegetables are harmless and then there are others that only mildly compromise our systems such as raw goat and sheep’s cheeses, wild fish, organic free-range eggs, some whole and sprouted grains and even occasionally wild game, but they do run the risk of sticking slightly in the cells and tissues and taxing the organs to greater and lesser degrees based on how we combine them and what our intestinal fortitude is. But true human food is a narrow category and not what most people think it is.

These lesser offensive substances mentioned above should be consumed in the context of a life where one consumes raw green vegetable juice daily, enjoys healthy bowel eliminations, drinks living spring water, breathes clean, alkaline air, and receives adequate daily sunlight.

You can enjoy a great variety of foods if you enjoy them in this framework. The body just needs support processing the more dense and acidic substances. It’s also advisable to include foods that are not completely pure because we need to give ourselves the opportunity to detoxify slowly and safely, and break away from the addictive nature of modern eating. Cooked vegetables, raw nuts, dairy, and even small amounts of chocolate and wine make our lifestyles compatible with the modern world and help gently detoxify the modern body.