Chances are you’ve heard about the celebrity “secret youth potion,” Human Growth Hormone (HGH). In case you’ve been tempted to use HGH to look younger, lose weight, build muscle, etc., let me share with you why you absolutely DO NOT want to go the hormone cocktail route.

When you see an A-list celebrity appearing to look fabulous thanks to a hormone cocktail, I’ll tell you their glands and blood stream are paying the price. You simply could not pay me enough money to take their potion even once (or to get injected with Botox or fillers for that matter, even once).

What you need to know is that amidst this frenzy around HGH, there is a quiet truth – foreign hormones (which are any hormones introduced to the body externally rather than organically secreted within), cannot be synthesized in the same way as the body’s naturally secreted hormones. This is true whether the hormone is a so-called “bio-identical” or not.

In fact, as foreign entities these externally introduced hormones instantly destabilize the precious, natural eco-system of the body’s indigenous hormones. I can promise you this does you no favors in the long run.

I wanted to share this just in case you’ve been tempted to subject your intact secreting systems in the hopes of extending the shelf life of your looks.

The second thing to know is that all the HGH in the world is not going to remove the copious accumulated rubbish from decades of unfit substances which is what really ages people (along with accumulated emotional and mental toxicity). Therefore, your body is still going to be rotting from within even if there appears to be a cosmetic glow.

Making the choice to live in a beautiful state of consistent self-regeneration is not for everybody. But it is true, real and dependable – it will strengthen rather than harm you.

The external means of beauty and the internal means of beauty I guess simply come down to separate beauty mentalities altogether. What the hormone cocktails aim to preserve is the beauty mentality that tells us that in order to be beautiful we need to “hold it together.”

Our human blueprint is held together when it is cared for magnificently – with sunlight and clean water, good soil and ozone-rich air. When we refuse to be bullied and pushed around by things that repress and block us up, we honor our human blueprint and there we find that the integrity of our tissues actually remains pretty great indefinitely, inside and out and in all the directions in which we radiate.

The fear and stress of the world is what wrecks our hormones. You want a hormone cocktail that really secretes youth juice through you 24/7? It’s within you. It will all come rushing in to bless you like you’re mainlining ecstasy the moment you realize this priceless eternal-youth truth.