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Just to add…if you have few/no plans and no family or friends at this time, likewise, try not to lose your peace by drowning in your hurt and negative feelings. I know that’s easier said than done but it is still true & essential to protect your energy field from vulnerability and despair at this time of year.


It’s as dangerous to lose yourself and deplete your peace in the sorrow that being alone over Christmas can evoke as it is to lose yourself/your peace to an intense schedule of events, surrounded by loads of people. Peace can be lost at both extremes.


If you’re alone, do things to strengthen yourself and remember it really is just another day — what matters is that you are living an authentic life which honors your soul and that you surround yourself with the best thoughts and feelings despite your circumstances on these emotionally charged days. The important takeaway is to prepare & protect your sacred, precious energy. This energy is your life force. We must become more aware and connected with this life force quantum within us than we are with all the worldly things we attribute value to and give our attention to.


In loving service,