The Marker Within Each of Us


There is a marker within us that is as unique as our fingerprint. We come to discover it only once we have dissolved the Matrix enough to restore our true light. It is the marker of our Individual Quest.


This is one big reason why the individual must be given equal importance as the community, and not be silenced or washed out or shut down for some false ideal of communism or socialism. To do that is to shut down and wash away the fire of life.


If you are fortunate enough to have come to truly know your unique quest – your real ‘raison d’etre,’ you will be happy and satisfied in an unshakeable way. But we have to dissolve the Matrix to get to this treasure of our purpose/Quest.


We are not here to work for the Matrix but we are here to do important work! The difference between the two is stratospheric.


Unblock and Free Your Individual Quest


There is so much false light, unimaginable concentrations of inversions and perversions of death-imprint energies (masquerading as language, entertainment, nourishment, education, aspirations, responsibilities, etc.) saturating our energy field, bio-terrain and mental field, occluding our truth. It’s pointless to try to find your true purpose under all that garbage. But make no mistake, it is there.


You have a Quest that will deeply satisfying your reason for bringing your Spirit into a body in this timeline. The more you get rid of the garbage-ideologies, internal waste matter and entrained programming, the sooner you’ll reunite with that Quest and discover that deep satisfaction that sets you on your path of deeply fulfilling work.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose