Hello Angels!

I have received so many emails from you who, in your keenness to cleanse your intestines (which is great), are getting suckered into buying one of the myriad “cleansing” products on the market today (not so great).

There are innumerable different brands, but they are all similar in concept and ingredients. I know how seductive these products’ claims can be and how tempting it can be to try a short-cut method instead of undertaking colon hydrotherapy. These products are cheaper and promise to do the same thing. But please do not be deceived by this! Herbal and chemical laxatives only irritate the intestine, and the fiber products only fill the body with matter (psyllium collects ten times its weight in waste, which cannot be passed without a colonic).

Here is what you need to know: herbal laxatives (cascara sagrada, senna, etc.) and chemical laxatives (such as magnesium sulfate used to prep for colonoscopies) can only clear a minutely small, narrow pathway in the intestine. They do not clean the colon—they just help to release a significant amount of matter, which fools people into thinking they are clean when, in reality, so much more matter is still caked in the intestine.

It’s a bit like a really messy room. You need to walk through that room, so you clear a pathway—this is all the magnesium sulfate (or senna, to a lesser degree) does: clears a narrow pathway. You cannot compare this in any way to the deep hydration and full release of waste matter from the intestinal walls that occurs with a series of good colon hydrotherapy sessions.

Now, don’t be fooled by a pink, “in the clear” colonoscopy. This does not mean you’re not deeply impacted. The colon is made up of layers upon layers of tissue, like a sponge. Just because the visible layer is clear due to the laxative effect of the magnesium sulfate, it does not mean that the intestine is clean. The waste is stored in the layers—and once the layers of tissue fill up, the waste ventures into the body at large. In an effort to maintain equanimity in the organs, the body keeps pushing the accumulated waste into tissues that can manage it—those become your cellulite, your asthma, your eczema, your pimples.

If you have physical imbalances of any kind, you are holding waste in your cells and tissues. The deep impaction is there—even if it doesn’t show up in a colonoscopy. Yes, waste settles in the intestines, but it’s everywhere else too by the time you have a colonoscopy. You must awaken the waste through a cleansing diet and eliminate it through gravity method colon hydrotherapy.

Colonics and home enemas (though the latter is far less effective, as it only clears the lower bowel) are the only viable alternatives to professional gravity colonics. Laxatives are not an alternative at all. In the case of serious constipation, you might use a product called Natural Calm to help loosen some of the matter, but that is the only product that I’d recommend as safe, and only for the short term.

The best thing you can ingest to support your bowel is pure Aloe Vera juice, but unfortunately, most of the Aloe juices on the market are ineffective. The only one I recommend is Herbal Answer, which comes in a white bottle and costs about $26. It’s worth it! I recommend mixing in a little stevia to make it palatable. You’ll love the results and should see improvement as soon as the next day.

The only way to cleanse your body is to cleanse every cell in your body. The cells throughout your body can only release waste matter for elimination if the intestines are able to receive them. For this, we first need a clean, clear, receptive large intestine/colon. So we must clean the colon first, then we can have a chance at the rest of the body. Every time the colon empties, more waste from throughout the body—from the cellulite in your thighs to the corrosion in your arterial walls—can be released.

Here’s to life in a body flowing with pure Life Force Energy! I love and bless you all!