“Practicing Natalia’s suggested lifestyle is what enabled me to get pregnant in 2009, to have a smooth pregnancy, an amazing and quick home birth, and a very healthy toddler!”

– Bruna De Araujo

“I like the juice! It makes me have more energy and I can pay attention in school.”

– Kyle, Age 10

“My son is a year old and has been cared for largely by following Natalia’s superb advice in her audios (i.e., feeding on demand; co-sleeping, either on a cot in our room or in our bed; introducing solids, including juice, fruits, veggies, a little organic fish, eggs, pasteurized goat cheese, butter, etc.). He’s a happy, healthy, confident little boy, so we’re pleased with what we’ve done, even if it flies in the face of current “wisdom” about strict routines, controlled crying, etc. And I could make a long list all the positive results we can already see!”

– F. White

“I like to drink juice before my soccer games on Sunday so I can run faster!”

– Sydney, Age 7

“I have to tell you that since our last conversation, I committed myself to making sure my kids eat better. In particular, my 3-year-old. I realized I was too tired and lazy to argue, so I would give in to serving him crap. I made it my intention to serve him what I eat and that he would be open. Well, the next day we started making green juice together. I called it Shrek Juice and he drank it all up. The baby has loved green juice since she was 6 months, but now Max is loving it and asks for it everyday. Now he eats salads and goat cheese, and right now he’s eating coleslaw without mayo sprinkled with cheese. Unbelievable! He’s almost never whiny anymore and is just a pleasure to be around. It was my own resistance that kept me serving him what he asked for (such as pasta, etc.). Now it’s a whole different story. THANK YOU!! I know that if moms just gave it a little time, they would have the same experience.”

– M. Einbender

“When I found myself unexpectedly pregnant at the age of twenty, I realized that my previous years of pain weren’t just meant to encourage or help others, but were for my own strength too. When I had my first panic of “Oh my gosh, I have to go through labor at the end of this,” I quickly expelled that thought far from my mind, remembering the tribal women of Dr. Weston A. Price’s studies and their ability to give birth with ease. From that moment on, my focus was not only nutrition for my own body, but also building a healthy foundation for my baby and preparing my body for a natural birth.

Those nine months were magical! I increased my diet from around 70 percent raw to 95 percent raw. I felt so fantastic that I still laugh thinking about all the times people asked me “How are you feeling?” expecting me to have a list of complaints filled with swollen ankles, back pain, heartburn, and who knows what else the average American woman suffers from today during pregnancy. I was taken aback by the way our society looks at pregnancy as an illness, when in reality it should be the most empowering (not to mention healthy) time of our lives as women.

Through months of green smoothies, prenatal yoga, long walks, and daily confessions and visualizations of how quick and easy my labor experience would be, I was beyond ready to meet my baby when I went into labor (while I was coincidentally reading Raw Food Life Force Energy by Natalia Rose) on the evening of September 23, 2009. After five hours of labor at home, I decided we were ready to meet the midwife at the hospital. We checked into the hospital room, and forty minutes later, my son Dimitri made his great entrance into the world.

I proudly became the exception to our society by giving birth all naturally (on my hands and knees), and choosing for my son to receive no shots, vaccines, or antibiotics. Birth should be a spiritual moment, not a hospitalized illness. Looking back on my quest for health, I now know that if I had never gone through the desperation and pain that I did in my teenage years, I would have been robbed not only of my health by the time I was forty, but also of an experience that I believe, quite frankly, all women are entitled to.

Our society brainwashes us with so many untruths. Stop believing the lie that you have to endure a miserable pregnancy, followed by horrific, painful labor. If I can transform from a junk-food junkie at age 16 into an all-natural mamma by age 22, you, too, can do anything for your health and your children’s health, and have the power to change any situation along the way.”

– E. Kalmukos

“Hope you’re wonderful! It has been a couple of years now since we’ve talked, but I have been thinking a lot about you. Colden is now three and a half. His eczema has been completely manageable in the last couple years—ironically—until the last two months. We are back to juicing and on a really good program and got him clear within a week.

We also have a new baby girl. She is five months old today. She had a patch here and there of eczema, but nothing like her brother. And since I have been back on juice and a more raw diet, she is clear now as well. Just wanted you to know that we do still think about you and are so grateful to all you taught us in our consultation and through your books.”

– C. Tobias

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