Converting the picky eater/transition foods chart

The below table lists common toxic and non-ideal mainstream foods on the left and their higher-quality upgrades on the right. Although the transition foods on the right are not health generators per se, they are less toxic alternatives to make this lifestyle enjoyable and doable, in the long term. Some people use these foods in the beginning of their transition to get them moving in the right direction, and others use these throughout their lifetime. How you decide to utilize these transition foods depends on your current state of health and your long-term health goals.

This is a great resource to print and take with you when you go grocery shopping or out on the town. Refer to it often, and check back regularly for updated items!



White bread; white-flour bagels Whole-wheat or sprouted-grain bread and bagels (Alvarado St. Bakery, Ezekial 4:9, or Food for Life are great options)
Mainstream cookies Kashi, Cascadian Farm, or Late July Oreo-style cookies (these are so good they deserve special mention!) or any raw treats you can find at your local health food stores
Mainstream chips Guiltless Gourmet, Garden of Eatin’, or Food Should Taste Good baked chips
Mainstream pretzels Lundberg Family Farms, or any type of spelt pretzels
Protein or energy bars Larabars, Kashi, or Lydia’s
Peanut butter Any organic and natural nut butter, except peanut
Mainstream microwave popcorn Good Health Half Naked popcorn
White-flour pancakes with processed syrup Whole-grain or sprouted-grain pancakes with all-natural maple syrup
White pasta with butter or marinara Whole-wheat, spelt, buckwheat, or quinoa pasta with organic butter or organic marinara (Paesana or Seeds of Change are great options)
Mainstream pizza Homemade pizza on sprouted grain or whole wheat pizza crust with marinara sauce, any tapenade you can find, and all the veggies you love. Add raw goat cheese if desired!
Hamburgers Marinated portobello mushroom burger with sprouted-grain buns, or Sunshine Vegetable Burgers (avoid any soy-based veggie burgers)
Mainstream ketchup and mustard Organic ketchup and mustard (Annie’s brand is a good option, but not all of the Annie’s products are high quality so pay attention to the ingredients!)
Mainstream cooking oils Small amounts of organic butter, or coconut oil/butter
Mainstream canned soup Muir Glen, Dr. McDougall’s, or Taste Adventure soups
Cow’s milk; soy milk Goat’s milk, nut milk (Pacific Brand), coconut water, coconut milk
Mainstream yogurt Goat’s milk yogurt
Mainstream ice cream Goat’s milk ice cream, coconut ice cream
Pasteurized juice Unpasteurized natural juice, or pasteurized juice with no added ingredients (such as sugar!)

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