Imagine a world where…

• parents and children alike are so at ease with themselves that they do not constantly look outside themselves for approval and satisfaction;

• women support and encourage each other rather than compete and gossip behind each other’s backs;

• men of all ages have discovered what it really means to be a man, to harness their inner warriors, and to respect, honor, and protect the people in their lives;

• people are so healthy and comfortable in their own bodies that they are not forever preoccupied with their physicality and can truly live;

• parents-to-be understand the depth of their responsibility when creating life and the importance of cleansing their bodies at a cellular level before conceiving;

• infertile couples first address the biochemical cleanliness of their cells and reproductive organs rather than immediately consider drugs and unnatural treatments;

• sex is a deeply intimate, bonding, and rewarding experience—a pure expression of joy; • our pregnancy and childbirth practices result in truly happy and healthy babies;

• parents feel empowered in their role and children feel truly understood and cared for;

• people think for themselves and trust their inherent wisdom;

• people don’t hurt one another, recognizing that we are all one in the web of life and that to hurt another is literally to hurt oneself;

• people live in respectful harmony with the planet, in recognition that it is home to us all;

• teenage girls have short, painless periods because their bodies are free of toxins; • adolescence is not synonymous with rebellion, acne, and moodiness;

• we live in joyful, supportive communities that leave no one alone and isolated;

• families conduct love freely and simply in domestic harmony.

We not only imagine this world—we know what is required to create it. Join us in making this vision a reality!

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