Softness triumphs over hardness, gentleness over strength.

The flexible is superior over the immovable.

This is the principle of controlling things

By going along with them, of mastery through adaptation.


Pursuing an alternative lifestyle is never easy. It often elicits floods of resistance from family and social circles, and requires great patience and perseverance in the face of obstacles. For me, it took more than twelve years of dedicated practice to reach my current level of self-awareness and self-sovereignty. I also had the help and encouragement of extraordinary teachers.

As for the floods of resistance, in my own case, I found that everyone had an opinion—mostly unsupportive, because my approach challenged their values. The obstacles grew based on how far away I veered from my expected course in terms of religious upbringing, social conditioning, peer pressure, and family expectations. But I knew that I had to face these obstacles and fully own my power in order to revive my authentic self, the one who’d been caged and silenced for far too long.

Take the Time You Need to Heal

Our work at Natalia Rose Institute is all about healing, nurturing, and growing, not quick fixes that have no lasting power and usually turn out to be more harmful than healthful in the long run. We are here to support true healing, in the deepest and most expansive meaning of the word—not to keep some kind of false peace with the body until all hell breaks loose again and another ceasefire is required!

We would get nowhere without patience and perseverance. My personality is naturally impetuous. I had to learn patience the hard way—by slamming into walls in my haste to achieve all my goals at lightning speed. I know for a fact that many of you are similarly wired because I read about it in your letters. Well, here in the Natalia Rose Institute community is one place where we serve ourselves far better with a healthy dose of patience and perseverance.

People tend to have a short memory when it comes to cleansing. They think after a week or so of juicing and eating only salads they should be clean. They forget all the soda, processed foods, hormone- and antibiotic-injected animal products, pasteurized cow dairy, birth control pills, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and/or recreational drugs they’ve consumed over the course of their lives—not to mention the generations of compromised DNA they received through their lineage! The cumulative damage to our cells and DNA is profound, not something that can be shaken off after only a week, month, or even a year of cleansing. It takes years to rectify our deep-rooted imbalances and achieve a truly beautiful, clean-celled body.

Keep in mind that raw foods and juices alone are not going to bring you back into alignment. For example, eating all raw or strictly vegan won’t necessarily ensure that you will live better or longer than your non-raw, non-juicing peers. You will also need to remove internal obstructions consistently over time. Eating a cleaner diet is just one essential component of the larger picture. The removal of obstruction (both physical and mental) is the actual fulcrum of healing.

This is where the patience and persistence comes in! You can juice for a weekend and drop a few pounds, but your body will go right back to its old stats unless you remove the obstruction that the juice fast awakened—and then continue to awaken and release more and more of that obstruction. Those that stay in the game, awakening and releasing for months and years, are the ones that reach the ecstasy of cleansing. The extended journey is what eventually cleans and elevates the blood chemistry and unblocks the internal pathways, enabling Life Force to surge and conduct through your body. As the cleansing reaches those depths, the alchemy happens: the internal organs are revived by the higher-caliber blood, skin tissue reflects the strengthened internal body, and energy soars. This is the true meaning of rejuvenation!

Our work here at Natalia Rose Institute is not about covering up our physical imperfections. Rather, it’s about pulling back the curtain on all the internalized toxicity that you’ve been carrying around with you and spent years of your life trying to hide. If you are still new to this work, you probably have some very deep toxicity that will emerge in waves. Don’t be embarrassed. No one who matters is judging you. In fact, here in the Natalia Rose Institute community, we’re all cheering you on! This work only gets better over time. Don’t give up. Give your body a chance to regenerate itself from the inside out.

Stay the Course of Cleansing

Physical aging and deterioration accompanied by feelings of weakness and fatigue are not factors of how many times you have ridden around the sun, but of what you have accumulated as you have gone around the sun! If you cleanse and maintain an alkaline-rich diet of primarily fresh fruits and veggies, and you are still feeling weak or lacking power for your workouts, it is due to one or more of the following reasons:

• You are awakening waste without releasing it. You have awakened matter that your bowel cannot release on its own. Therefore, your center is blocked and the awakened poisons are flooding your bloodstream, making you feel ill and tired. You need either bowel cleansing or a less than perfect meal to help ease your bowel’s transition to clean foods—one or the other, but preferably the former.

• You are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. You are so addicted to the stimulation of cooked proteins, whey/soy/protein energy bars, coffee, refined sugar, flour, soda, etc. that your body is not coping with the change. The problem is that you’re having withdrawal symptoms—not that the clean diet is failing to deliver energy. You probably need to transition more slowly. People are often deceived into thinking they need meat when, after a week of a meat-free diet, they eat a steak and suddenly feel “energized.”This is a false fire! Acidic, dense substances can never give you real energy, only stimulation. To an unclean body addicted to the stimulation, continuing to consume such substances feels good and familiar. Stopping too suddenly leads to withdrawal symptoms and a feeling of weakness. Hence, people often associate a clean diet with feeling weak. This is why making a gradual transition away from the old foods, rather than going cold turkey, is so crucial. It will help you avoid many pitfalls!

• You are still a slave to the old mental programming. Mental programming is a powerful thing. For years you’ve been absorbing the erroneous propaganda that only calorie-dense substances can sufficiently energize you. You’ve also been conditioned to expect quick, linear results from health regimens. But when the average obstructed body undergoes deep cleansing, it must slow down to conduct internal triage. When this happens, you might grow impatient and lose heart, but I urge you to stay the course. It often takes persistence in the face of a temporary impasse to yield a major breakthrough. But you have to stick with it!

Keep an Eye on the Big Picture

The detox lifestyle is largely a case of mind over matter: work to reverse your thinking and align with the greater truth. Most of all, keep an eye on the big picture of cleansing. A clear body is an energized body. Arnold Ehret said it nearly a hundred years ago: Vitality = Power – Obstruction. However, “Power” may not have been the clearest word choice, so, with all due respect to Ehret, let me rephrase this slightly: Vitality = Electromagnetic Conductivity – Obstruction. In other words, when the electromagnetic conductivity can rush unobstructed through the body, you will experience uncompromised vitality!

Every time you’re feeling impatient or a little less energized than you want to feel, ask yourself how clear your pathways are and how well your cells are conducting the electromagnetic power. Even when you’re blocked, this energy is always lying dormant within you, ready to be unleashed. But you cannot expect your body to release all the obstructions and toxicity that it has accumulated over a lifetime and regenerate clean cells overnight. True healing requires visionary practice, patience, and perseverance. If the duration and requirements get you down, just consider for a moment the alternative—hospitals, medication, countless unsexy symptoms and a steady, disempowerment, and a general decline. Green Lemonade, raw salads, and colonics, please!

Do all you can to remove any blockages—physical and mental—and then feel your body come alive with the blissful vibration of life force conducting through you. Your authentic, revitalized self will begin to emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis, and soon you’ll be able to take wing!

This concludes our eleventh lesson. In next week’s final edition of The Rose Program Insider, we will close with a meditation on our highest aspirations and the true meaning of beauty.