On the topic of fever, a friend asked an excellent question, “What does it mean if one rarely experiences fever? Is it a sign of being healthy or further suppression? While my son does not have fevers, he does have eczema.”


Functional Fever Fire vs Dysfunctional Fever Fire


What a perfect entry point for deepening our knowledge as it relates to two kinds of fire in the body. I’ll call the one “functional-fever-fire” and the other, “dysfunctional-inflammatory-fire.”


Think of the functional fever-fire as your inner benevolent dragon. By contrast, the dysfunctional-inflammation-fire that irritates and reddens the cells and tissues is the domain of the malevolent dragon. The redness/irritation of inflammation comes directly from the pathogenic forms we know of as fungus, bacteria, viruses and mold. These rogue microbes, in all their life-destructive madness “raise the red flag” so to speak in the body.




In a strong, alkaline body, your benevolent dragon will exterminate them rapid-fire. As a less alkaline body scours for the vital energy reserves required to rouse its functional-fire-breathing dragon, those ill-mannered micro-beasts will be multiplying; a situation grossly exacerbated by the vile waste they excrete (i.e. pus, fermentation, noxious gas, putrefaction, etc.). This decay-breeding eco-system inflames all the healthy cell and tissue eco-systems around it, quickly turning them just as rogue (think zombie apocalypse on a microbial level). That is what dysfunctional-inflammation-fire looks like and it has many, many names based on where it is taking place in the body. If it’s an “itis” as in bronchitis, tonsillitis, pancreatitis, encephalitis, meningitis, colitis, diverticulitis, and so on, it translates to “inflammation” of that corresponding system/part/gland/organ.




Now, on one hand, Eczema can be seen as the skin organ having a fever. Eczema comes from the Greek “ekzema,” which literally means “something thrown out by heat.” When you see a symptom marked by redness or irritation, there is a true battle of the flames taking place. Dysfunctional-inflammation starting the fire – a kind of microbial pyromaniacs club you might say – and functional-fever-fire working to put it out.


Symptom Origin


One thing all symptoms have in common is their origin. There is one cause of all disease: the interruption of the conductivity of life-force within a given living network. When this happens (either through blockage or severing of the sacred threads of life within that network – both the visible and invisible threads), life stops pulsing in those places. When life detects it’s own network is in jeopardy, it responds protectively. It sends alarm bells to the “chief” of the organism in a way that can be seen and felt (and not enjoyed) so that the hazard might be immediately rectified. So you can see, in the case of Eczema we can see this whole drama played out to at T.


You can quickly strengthen your functional-fire and put out the dysfunctional inflammation with diligent application of life-generating principles. More on THAT tomorrow!


In loving service,