Your Beliefs


What I most want to convey is that you must live the life you believe in. One of the most heart-breaking things I hear all day every day from my clients is how other people in their lives attempt to suppress their pursuits and cause them to taper down, shut down, silence and halt their strong calls to do & be & to investigate & explore!


Rule #1: we cannot control other people, nor should we want to.


Rule #2: if we suppress ourselves we destroy ourselves.


Don’t worry about how the ‘others’ in your life will cope when you explore and live the way you are called to. Ask yourself if you would ever aim to hold them back likewise (my guess is you would not – so there’s your litmus test).


Others are just that and only that. We are not here to live their lives or to have them dictate to us. We are here to evolve our own souls and support others where we can. That is healthy relating. I know you are sensitive to the way your path impacts your loved ones. But that cannot be an excuse to stay back. GO! You must explore, express and experience what is for you!


In loving service,