Lose the Weight Before You Begin Rigorous Exercise


If you are interested in losing weight and you want to exercise, please understand that it is unwise to do heavy exercise like running or cycling when you are carrying a lot of extra weight. It is SO much smarter to start cleansing and focus on walking, light dancing, light yoga, moving on the gym machines like the elliptical trainer and such until you lose a good deal of your excess weight.


Cleansing Initiates the Weight Loss Process


When you cleanse properly (per my books & courses), the weight practically falls off. Exercise is very important but it will only age and jar the system, creating injury (that’s often unrealized immediately) when it is done when one is carrying excess weight. Lose the weight and then jog, run, cycle, do MMA or whatever you like. Pushing your body to run, jump and exert when you are heavy is not good for you nor will it get you leaner faster. Get the cleansing going, drop the weight with consistent, strain-free movement every day. And then, you will benefit hugely from turning up the dial on your athletic challenges.




I see men in their 50’s with guts busting through their bike shorts cycling in packs on a Saturday morning and women carrying 30-50 extra pounds jogging and they are not doing anything positive for their bodies. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse – and the athleticism will be easy eventually. Don’t punish your body further when it’s already in jeopardy. The whole process of physical transformation should be graceful, easy, intelligent, and clearly effective.


Dehydrated Guts


And for goodness sake, leave the water bottles at home. If you cannot go for a jog without a water bottle, you should NOT be jogging. A healthy athlete does not need to have water or a caloric refuel for two hours at least. But most people exercising have dehydrated guts and poor life force flow so they are constantly rendered dehydrated and weak. If you are an athlete and you need water and caloric fuel then your daily intake is not working for you and your colon is blocked. You need to get honest about that and not cling to antiquated ways of eating. A truly strong person (meaning a person with great physical integrity) does not take powders or ‘energy drinks’ or bars or any of that bogus athletic stuff. We eat water-containing plant food – when we eat (which is not that often) – we drink green juice, we have a clear intestinal tract that is richly hydrated because we don’t eat dry, dead food and we thoroughly rinse our colons when needed.


In loving service,