The False Light Codes of the Fashion Industry


I was surrounded by fashion-culture from birth. My mother was very much into high-end brands and she loved to acquire beautiful clothes – for both of us. Weekends were almost always spent in Beverly Hills between Neiman Marcus and Rodeo Drive. By age 10, I already revered models and was a regular in the Neiman Marcus Children’s fashion shows.  I absorbed all of this and was given the message in a 101 ways that these clothes and the images of physical ‘perfection’ that modeled them were the absolute ultimate to which one could aspire. That message was a false light code created by the Matrix but instilled/installed by the people around me.


Well, let’s just say that this particular false light Matrix code would seriously warp me in time. I developed eating disorders in the extreme, my bedroom walls were covered in magazine images and I wound up with a shopping addiction later in my life.


Even though I came to terms long ago with how fashion and image idolatry seeded those debilitating conditions in my life, it was only through really waking up to the Matrix that I fully came to grips with what had happened to me and what was happening universally by way of the fashion industry. It was far, far more disturbing than I had realized before I saw it through the eyes of understanding the Matrix.


You see, the Matrix uses the things we are foolish enough to idolize to make us as weak as possible.


The ‘Anti-Energetic Force’ Behind the Matrix


Here’s the truth about what’s behind the fashion industry: it’s aim is to make you weak by celebrating perversions of the physique.  I used to think the reason the models on the catwalk were so thin was simply to best showcase the clothing. No. While that may be one small reason, the real reason is to condition people to become enamored by a sickly form that is unattainable without constraining life in the person and causing sickness. If you really think about how the Matrix operates and why these models are so thin and so young and androgynous its because those are the markers of the perverted Matrix:


  1. emaciated = sick,
  2. very young = they are driven by pedophilia; and
  3. androgynous = the nullification of gender/desecration of the Divine Creator.


These are three key markers of the ‘anti-energetic force’ behind the Matrix. They want you sick and revering sickness. The clothing itself is just a vessel through this end is accomplished.


It’s pure evil designed to make us fight with our bodies and ruin our health by yo-yo dieting and to reject our maturity and gender, both of which support our connection to our true power.


What’s behind the fashion industry is more wretched than you can possibly believe, not to mention the destruction the production of these clothes cost the earth and the workers who are cruelly forced to labor to make them in sub-human conditions. I realize that there are some ethical clothing manufactures in the world. But they are rare exceptions.


The reason I wanted to pull back the veil and single out what’s behind the fashion industry (when every industry is equally culpable in its perversions thanks to the Matrix’s master-plan to exploit and destroy us), is because the perversions have been so well hidden and need to be called out for all to see.


Why does the fashion industry idealize the grotesquely thin, extremely young and androgynous? Because they want to make you weak. You become weak when you revere something weak and perverse. It’s pretty clever but so dark and ugly.


It’s a category that has gone so deep into the grotesque without even really being noticed as such. Can’t let ’em get away with it any longer. See through it. Love your body, be strong and healthy and glow with your maturity.


Those false light codes had me hypnotized and blind to the reality for decades.  But I’m free now. It’s SO good to be free! There is greater beauty and true loveliness that honors the Divine Force of Life beyond those illusions and all the vanity that compels it. Oh Vanity…there’s a major false light code that I’ll try to address soon.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose


False Light Codes


  • False light codes: perversions of information that are programmed into you through brainwave entrainment, repetitive experiences and/or traumatic experiences.