It still amazes me when people insist they have a juicer and their ‘juicer’ turns out to be a blender!


Blended substances may have their place, but they will never, ever replace freshly extracted, raw juice! Here’s why:


Natalia’s Top 10 Reasons to Drink Green Juice


  1. Greens are the quintessential primordial food — when you juice greens you are drinking synthesized sunlight, the source of life in our cosmos.


  1. Green juice magnetizes the old waste from deep in the cells and tissues for release, one of two essential steps for real detoxification.


  1. The life-force of the plant is in the liquid. You cannot get the same result from powdered greens, no matter how nutrient packed they are.


  1. One glass of green juice has the life force, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids of several pounds of greens.


  1. There is no digestion needed — the value and qualities of the green juice go straight to the cellular level like an intravenous injection.


  1. Green juice helps to re-mineralize the teeth and bones, which we often forget are living tissue and can be strengthened given the chance.


  1. Green juice will help neutralize acidic substances we consume or are exposed to in our environment.


  1. If coated the following day in green juice, the alkaline substance will help prevent acidic foods from sticking in the intestinal tissue as it would do otherwise. This is why green juice is not optional if there is any acidity in the diet.


  1. Green juice is the color of the heart chakra (LOVE) and carries the frequency of all that implies to every cell it reaches, elevating the body to a more loving state with every sip.


  1. Green juice contains organic water, one of the purest sources of water we have in today’s world where so much of our water supply has been contaminated.


in loving service,