Sans Make up

At a time when the world has gone so fake and plastic and image obsessed, I’ve made the conscious decision to go the other way. I’m posting lately without any make up (tho I do love my lashes which are enhanced, full disclosure – but that’s my only enhancement). I’ve never used Botox or any injections and never will. I don’t bleach my teeth. I want the work I do and the principles I live by to speak and hopefully, in my ‘raw state’ to be more impactful. It’s also liberating and empowering to just be natural & pure and not need to be perfect. I realize my recent photos and videos look quite raw when contrasted with the polished professional photo images. Its been big for me to let a lot of my grays grow in without rushing to cover them over. I hope the hyper-fake-image-pendulum soon swings the other way and balances itself over the point of authenticity. It would really help people, I think, to drop all the artificiality. And at the end of the day, I am very proud of the work I do in the healing arts and I believe that speaks for itself. Remember ladies (& gents too): you are not dolls to be objectified and valued by some air-brush standard. Your soul is what needs to be beautiful. One thing I can say about these recent raw shots & videos is that I was extremely happy in the moments when they were captured. That’s what matters. Love your authentic truth!

Natalia Rose ❤️