Fundamentally, we know that when one lives in opposition to life, cut off in anyway from the network of living energy, symptoms arise. The degree to which those symptoms arise is the degree to which one is operating in opposition to Nature.

While degenerative disease may remain a mystery to modern medical science, it is not a mystery to anyone who knows the Universal Laws of Nature. Like every other symptom, the origins (as well as the remedy) are crystal clear.

What causes degenerative disease?

Degenerative disease is a result of misguided engagement with life on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual. When life-generating operations and expressions are interfered with on any one of those levels, the various expressions of degenerative disease tend to develop. As conditions and lifestyles on earth have become exponentially more toxic (more in opposition to life), the rate of degenerative disease has skyrocketed. Today, it is estimated that 1 in 2 individuals will be diagnosed with cancer.

The exposure to toxicity today means that individuals are on the receiving end of multiple contributing carcinogenic factors at any given moment. The major carcinogenic offenders: radiation from wireless devices and modems, toxic, processed foods and drinks, heavy metal toxicity and stress are all commonplace circa 2014 – and most are moment-to-moment factors in people’s lives! Therefore, citizens of the world, especially those in big cities, swim in a veritable sea of carcinogens in every layer of their being around the clock.  The shocking thing is not that this results in sweeping degenerative disease diagnoses; the shocking thing would be if it did not!

In addition, we must acknowledge that the modern human physiology is not as robust and alkaline today as it was generations ago; so what we are contending with is a true double whammy – far greater exposure to carcinogens and far less alkaline fortitude to neutralize them.

The state of cancer:

Now that we have demystified the cause of degenerative disease, let’s consider what occurs in a body that is filled with toxicity, heavy metals, radiation, GMO foods, drinks and emotionally encased in fear programs.  How do these causes turn into degenerative disease?

The toxic, carcinogenic culprits each act on the body in their own way, contributing acidity and undermining the harmony of the organism. First, they challenge the harmony of the cells they encounter. Whether these dissonant influences are able to overtake the harmony in the body depends on the harmonic integrity of the sub-atomics of the cells. High integrity cells are made up of highly alkaline negatively-ionically charged atoms. As the carcinogenic culprits are introduced to the body, they negatively impact the subatomic oscillations that support the cells and tissues. This causes the core frequency of the individual to become increasingly dissonant.

A person who is being inundated with these carcinogens is actually undergoing a frequency attack.  The impact is causing their body to vibrate in a way that is out of sync with health.

 Dissonant cells are no-longer life-generating cells; they go rogue and become life-deteriorating cells. We know that cancer is an degenerative/autoimmune disease. This means that cancer cells and tissues behave destructively rather than constructively.

The Pathogen Connection:

We also know that pathogens are life-deteriorating in nature. So it should come as no surprise that where cancer is found, so too do we find yeast and mold! This is key. Cancerous tissue is necrotic tissue (or dead tissue). Pathogens like fungus and mold which are found at cancer sites are integral to dead and dying tissue.  Therefore, what we have is carcinogenic substances undermining the integrity of the organism’s sub-atomics, resulting in a bio-chemical reaction that causes decay to form and pathogens, (the scavengers) to proliferate, spreading the decay because the organism is being perceived as non-viable.

Cancer is a Fungus:

If pathogenic yeast and mold proliferate, we know there are things we can do slow and stop them in their tracks. And yet, modern medicine does not offer those suggestions.  Modern medicine offers different avenues of treatment that dismantle the remaining power in the body further.

Heavy metals and radiation go straight to the endocrine system (from the delicate, highly receptive brain centers as well as the brain matter to the reproductive organs) and the bone marrow where immunity is generated and in this case derailed.  Toxic, processed foods, drinks and other unnatural substances accumulate in the intestine and their chemicals and the noxious gasses released from their fermentation is delivered into the blood stream. Ultimately, as the body becomes ravaged, rendered atomically dissonant and riddled with fungus and mold, the individual is progressively overtaken (the stages of cancer). Meanwhile, with the right information, they could be turning the whole scenario around.

Reversing Degenerative Disease & Degenerative Disease Prevention

Depending on how developed the degenerative disease is, meaning, to what degree its precursor carcinogens have insinuated their way into the individual’s bio-terrain and how much tissue it has infected (causing fungus and mold to proliferate), degenerative disease may be reversed. The protocol is simple. It simple requires a strong, fearless desire to do so.

Primarily, the conditions must be created that bring the individual back into harmony with life. This means that the carcinogenic offenders that created the problem such as wireless radiation, toxic foods, drinks and stress are removed from the cancer sufferer’s world. In most cases, this means the individual must go to another location to heal, preferably a highly alkaline environment like a pristine beach, forest or mountains.

Where nature is at her most unadulterated, the frequency will be the highest and alkalinity will be most concentrated.  Like a tuning fork, the sub-atomics of the cancer patient’s cells will be re-attuned to a health-generating vibration. They will regain their life-generating oscillation from the chaos of the cacophonous oscillation.  The highly-alkaline environment will deliver plentiful negative-ions to the body, neutralizing the acidity that would otherwise feed the cancer.

Simultaneously, dietetics and all substances that enter the body must be reconsidered. A highly alkaline diet based on water containing vegetables, primarily greens and green juices should become the central dietetic protocol. These alkaline greens will saturate and magnetize the accumulated toxic matter in the body for release.  Fungus and mold are fed by sugars, starches and acids.  Therefore the patient must be extremely diligent to avoid all such substances, including fruits.  A vegetable-centric diet is the ultimate cancer-prevention diet. It should be followed strictly by degenerative disease patients.

Restored to subatomic harmony, saturated in alkalinity and starved of sugars, starches and acids, the cancer cannot survive and it must regress. If waste matter can be expeditiously removed from the body via colonics and enemas, the speed of healing would be accelerated tremendously. Typically, degenerative disease patients lack the intestinal fortitude to release the life-long accumulation of toxicity that caused the degenerative disease. So frequent colon hydrotherapy treatments increase the likelihood of degenerative disease regressing and not returning. Infrared saunas and deep breathing are also helpful tools for removing the accumulated toxicity in the eliminative organs.

Herbs, alkalinizers and chelating substances like zeolite, spirulina, dandelion, sulfur-based amino acids, sodium bi-carbonate and leatril (B-17) can also play very supportive roles as long as the primary indications to harmonize the subatomics, alkalinize and remove accumulated toxic waste are implemented.

In addition, the degenerative disease sufferer must take all steps necessary to removing fear programs, stress and any incoherent emotions.  Incoherence in the emotional field is just as damaging as radiation, toxicity and heavy metals on the sub-atomics.

We wish you a beautiful healing journey and hope you will also appreciate that this knowledge is central to prevention!