Life Force Families – Philosophy

Life Force Families – Philosophy


Our bodies are designed for strength, vitality and longevity. We are innately powerful creatures, not a weak race given to all manner of symptoms and inexplicable disease.

The human body thrives and evolves when its cells and pathways (blood, pulmonary, lymphatic, neurological) are open and flowing, conducting the life force energy central to all living systems. Inhibition of this conductivity is the harbinger of human imbalances (physical, mental and emotional and the behaviors that result from an imbalanced being).

If we consider our common social diet-lifestyle norms we will find that each and every aspect of it inhibits this key flow – the foods and substances consumed, the frequency with which they are consumed, the mindless state in which they are consumed, the symptoms that result from them which are immediately suppressed rather than understood as a call for diet-lifestyle change, a societal perspective that chooses separation from rather than connection to nature, so-called advancements that choose radiation and speed over vitality and wholeness and corporations and political entities whose interest lie in controlling others for monetary gain despite the long term consequences.

These life-deteriorating agendas, if not challenged by the adults at home, leave our children’s bodies and minds unprotected; open to designs that undermine their development. Just as a bear protects its cubs from dangers, adults are supposed to protect their young. But, for the most part, adults are unaware of the havoc our modern norms wreak on the body themselves, are too caught up in a personal avalanche of debt, work, imbalances, distractions, worries and all the common demands to gather up the attention and energy necessary to reconsider the norms and make the important changes that would change their family’s life.

A child’s health is shaped long before birth. Every part of the child’s being is affected by a combination of the DNA it receives from its parents (therefore the parent’s health is transferred into their child’s makeup) and all it is exposed to in-utero. Therefore, the less toxic the parents and the more healthy and harmonious the child’s incubation experience (non-toxic foods, clean air, clean water, no pollution or chemicals), the better its odds are of being a powerful, intelligent growing human.

These concepts are simple really, and completely intuitive, particularly given that all life is constantly in a state of change, adjusting based on what it is exposed to. Yet, our culture persists on exposing itself to substances in and out of the body that trigger decomposition rather than vivification! We should not wonder why children are born with imbalances and diseases and develop problems as they grow up in this toxic environment. We should be clear why as the causes and the cures are obvious. Our culture only chooses not to see the obvious because to do so would require behavioral and “habitudinal” changes that scare them. Constructive change would also force those who have much to gain monetarily from the perpetuation of our norms to surrender their interests, which they are not likely to do. That leaves individuals with the choice to see or not to see – to change or not to change.


The first step is to see the problem and the solution. The next step is to learn how to reverse the damage and prevent further damage. This is done by considering what is toxic to the body and what can become toxic if it remains in the body too long without being eliminated. When we see the problem and solution clearly and understand the cause and effect of exposing ourselves to toxicity, then we can transform our lifestyle habits to reflect a more life-generating approach.

However, this does not mean that you have to make a full transformation overnight! If you are consistently making meaningful and positive changes for yourself and your family and your awareness is becoming more tuned in to recognize what is life-generating and what is not, you will be doing beautifully!


The human body is designed to seamlessly digest, assimilate and eliminate water-containing plant foods (raw, fruits and vegetables). Other substances may also be included but water-containing raw fruits and vegetables are the substances that deliver and conduct the life force energy (or vitality if you prefer) from the sun, soil and elements into the cells, tissues and bloodstream revivifying it! The human body is also infused with this life force when it breathes fresh air (particularly the cleanest mountain, beach or forest air) when it receives vital water from a living spring, and of course, in the case of baby, when s/he receives clean, non-toxic mother’s milk. These are the alkaline, life-force-energy surging substances that transmit vitality to the body and evolve it moment-by-moment into an even more super-charged, balanced, happy, loving, intelligent person.

HOWEVER, if the average person were to consume only these substances water-containing fruits, vegetables and vital elements, it would send their body into detox shock. This would result in yet another physical and emotional imbalance rather than a harmonizing, beneficially transformative event. It’s important to integrate these vital substances wisely. Therefore, in our experience, the application of these dietary tenets should be approached as one would cross from one point to another – as part of a journey or as I like to think of it, crossing a bridge.

Therefore, while the advantages of a diet filled with life-force energy are compelling and the desire to have a revivified body can be so attractive as to make one want to jump into the detox deep-end, we urge you to take it step-by-intelligent-step. You will not rejuvenate your body faster or serve your child any better if you move too quickly. You could have the opposite effect physically and emotionally. You and your family members will rejuvenate to the extent that you are able to prevent the introduction of further toxic substances into the body and support the release of accumulation from the body so that the life force can flow more and more unencumbered. This is done best with a paced, systematic approach to cleansing reinforced by emotional and lifestyle balance.


For this gentle transition there are foods that we refer to as “bridger” foods. Imagine there are two paradigms: the life-deteriorating paradigm that you’ve spent your life-to-date in and among and a universal system that supports all life. Between here and there is a bridge. Imagine yourself on that bridge. If you or your child on the bridge, and regardless of whether it’s your first step or if you are already more than halfway across, the fact that you are at least on the bridge is a very good thing! While on the bridge, you will need a diet-lifestyle philosophy that reflects where you are; no longer in the life-deteriorating paradigm and yet, not quite in the fully life-generating one either. Likewise, your diet-lifestyle will be somewhere in between with the destination or new trajectory always in sight, ever-growing, more life-generating.

On the bridge, foods that may not always be pure organic, raw, water-containing plant foods are used for physiological, emotional and social reasons. Some are neutral (meaning while they may not bring vitality with them they do not impose acidity or leach critical vitality either) and some are slightly acidic (meaning they devitalize the body slightly but are helpful in preventing over-cleansing and emotional and social distress so they are recommended) and there may even be appropriate times to include offensive substances. Yes, you read that correctly. There are times in the course of raising a family when you intercept a sense that your child would benefit more from an experience that includes a physically offensive substance than having it withheld or avoided and in this instance, you will over-ride your dietetic knowledge. If you are a discerning, connected parent you will know intuitively when these times occur and you will be able to respond accordingly.

From a purely dietetic standpoint, here is a list of all the life-generating substances:

  • All raw fruits and vegetables (including avocado)
  • All raw fruit and vegetable juices
  • Young coconuts and water
  • Living spring water
  • Vital air
  • Mother’s milk for babies
  • Love, joy, gratitude, peace and other balanced states of being/ high vibration emotions

Note: the way fruits and vegetables are grown and picked heavily impacts their vitality and the effect (alkaline vs acidity) they will have upon your cells, tissues and bloodstream.

Here is a list of neutral foods you are encouraged to include:

  • Cooked fruits (baked apples, baked bananas, stewed prunes, etc.)
  • Cooked vegetables (all)
  • Mature coconuts
  • Cooked starch vegetables (yams, sweet potatoes, butternut, acorn, pumpkin, etc.)

Here is a list of slightly acidic flesh foods that are useful to include daily on the bridge:

  • Grass-fed, free range goat and sheep’s milk products
  • Eggs from organic, grass-fed, free-to-roam chicken
  • Fresh, wild fish

Here is a list of flesh-foods that carry greater acidity but can be enjoyed from time to time on the bridge:

  • Wild game
  • Free-to-roam, organic grass-fed chickens

Note: there is a hierarchy to animal products. The way they are raised and killed, whether hormones and antibiotics are used, if they are cared for with love or not all have an effect on their biomass and therefore upon your biomass if you consume them. Please read Natalia’s blog on this subject for further guidance, entitled “Corn-fish and Fung-eggs” located at

Here is a list of grain items that may be included on the bridge on a daily basis:

  • The best whole grains: Millet, quinoa and buckwheat
  • Sprouted grains and sprouted grain products such as the breads, bagels and tortillas made by Ezekiel and Alvarado St. Bakery

Note: Grains are not ideal human food but they are very helpful for as long as you are crossing the bridge.

Other, slightly more acidic but useful grain products that can be used as needed upon the bridge:

  • Whole, grain-based cereals from brands like EnviroKids, Mothers, Barbaras, Nature’s Valley, Cascadian Farms, etc.
  • Whole, grain-based pastas such as whole-wheat pastas (make sure the word “whole” is used before the word “wheat” on the ingredients list or else you are just getting white flour!), kamut pastas by Eden Foods, and Spelt pasta by VitaSpelt as well as others.
  • Whole, grain-based cookies and bars such as the ones by Kashi and Cascadian Farms
  • Whole, grain-baked chips made from root vegetables and corn
  • Freshly popped popcorn in an air popper

There are lots of raw food products. Some are better than others but if they are made from raw nuts, seeds and dried fruits with benign sweeteners like agave, raw cane sugar, pure maple syrup, etc. and if your kids enjoy them they can come in very handy on a daily basis for lunch bag items and snacks!

Embrace these diet-lifestyle guidelines as you move toward a more life-generating life for your family. Hold fast to the fundamentals of health – conductivity of life-force is the source of health and it comes from an interconnected web of vitality which we are either connected to or disconnected from. Symptoms, discomfort and suffering are the results of disconnection from the source and conductivity of this great pulsating web of life-force. From there, you can make choices for your family’s highest good – keeping an eye out for internal and external blockages. As always, hold everything you learn here or elsewhere up to your highest intuition.

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Life Force Families – FAQ’s for families

Life Force Families – FAQ’s for families

Q: I was hoping you might be able to guide me on what I should be giving Elle, who is now 13-months-old. I understand what is ideal, but since my husband and I are not eating “ideally” then I think we are going to need to compromise with some of Elle’s diet. She has always been the kind of baby who thinks she is an adult so she wants to have every single thing that we eat. I have been able to keep a lot of non-ideal foods from her.

Elle’s typical routine is she likes lots of water (w/stevia) through the day (she loves sweet things), most of her meals are still baby shakes ’cause she loves them so much (usually comprised of spinach, bananas, and avocado), a little fresh veggie juice, snacks on banana, and then dinner is usually eaten with us and concluded with some more shake. The heaviest things she has are raw puddings/shakes that have nuts and fruit in them (and sometime a little agave), white potatoes, and butter on cooked veggies.

To make this easy for you, I’m going to write down typical foods we have in our house in a list form and I was wondering if you do have time, maybe you could run through them and put yes or no next to them and help me decide what is okay to compromise with, and maybe some alternatives? All of these things are usually just accompanied by a lot of veggies (like sometimes I will chop up a corn tortilla or a piece of sprouted wheat bread and add it to a veggie-mixture to stuff squash with, or I will add one egg to millet pancake batter or to vegetable fritters, or boxed almond milk to my smoothies).

Organic butter Hormone-free cream cheese Hormone-free heavy cream Organic eggs Pastuerized sheep’s feta and pecorino romano (and other sheep cheeses) Jarred salsa Boxed almond milk Coconut butter Vinegars Millet puffs Millet flour/whole millet Quinoa Oats Brown/wild rice Buckwheat Sprouted wheat bread Corn tortillas Z bars Lara bars Beans Corn White potatoes Thank you for your help! I appreciate everything you do for us!

A: The diet as described is great! See our bold responses below for a few upgrades you can consider:

  • Organic butter
  • Hormone-free cream cheese
  • Hormone-free heavy cream
  • Organic eggs – Just make sure these are really high-quality, free-range, organic eggs. If you can find a local source that you trust, that is the best way to ensure you are getting the best eggs!
  • Pasteurized sheep’s feta and pecorino romano (and other sheep cheeses) If you can find raw goat/sheep cheese, this would be a good upgrade. The pasteurized cheese isn’t horrible, it just lacks the enzymes that assist indigestion. These enzymes are killed in the pasteurization process so again, it’s not critical, but would be a good upgrade if you can find the raw version of goat/sheep cheese you like. We sell Natalia’s favorite brand, Alta Dena, raw cheddar style goat cheese throughout online store if you can’t find anything local!
  • Jarred salsa – You could consider making your own fresh salsa!
  • Boxed almond milk – Boxed almond milk is fine as long as it is a high-quality brand like “Pacific.” However, if you are feeling ambitious, you could make your own nut milk. This way, you can feel confident about all of the ingredients! Check out our “Homemade Nut Milk” recipe in the Recipe Section.
  • Coconut butter – Just make sure it’s organic!
  • Millet puffs
  • Millet flour/whole millet
  • Quinoa
  • Oats
  • Brown/wild rice
  • Buckwheat
  • Sprouted wheat bread
  • Corn tortillas – These are fine but you can also try the sprouted grain tortillas.
  • Z bars
  • Lara bars
  • Beans
  • Corn
  • White potatoes – White potatoes are good but an upgrade would be sweet potato – it is just a little higher up on the “alkalinity” scale than white potatoes although both are fine and biochemically superior to grains!


Q: Now that I am pregnant, should I worry about getting my mercury fillings removed?

A: It is not a good idea to have mercury fillings removed during pregnancy. It would be best to find a good holistic dentist to consult with regarding your options.

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Life Force Families – FAQ’s for families

Life Force Families – Testimonials


“Practicing Natalia’s suggested lifestyle is what enabled me to get pregnant in 2009, to have a smooth pregnancy, an amazing and quick home birth, and a very healthy toddler!”

– Bruna De Araujo

“I like the juice! It makes me have more energy and I can pay attention in school.”

– Kyle, Age 10

“My son is a year old and has been cared for largely by following Natalia’s superb advice in her audios (i.e., feeding on demand; co-sleeping, either on a cot in our room or in our bed; introducing solids, including juice, fruits, veggies, a little organic fish, eggs, pasteurized goat cheese, butter, etc.). He’s a happy, healthy, confident little boy, so we’re pleased with what we’ve done, even if it flies in the face of current “wisdom” about strict routines, controlled crying, etc. And I could make a long list all the positive results we can already see!”

– F. White

“I like to drink juice before my soccer games on Sunday so I can run faster!”

– Sydney, Age 7

“I have to tell you that since our last conversation, I committed myself to making sure my kids eat better. In particular, my 3-year-old. I realized I was too tired and lazy to argue, so I would give in to serving him crap. I made it my intention to serve him what I eat and that he would be open. Well, the next day we started making green juice together. I called it Shrek Juice and he drank it all up. The baby has loved green juice since she was 6 months, but now Max is loving it and asks for it everyday. Now he eats salads and goat cheese, and right now he’s eating coleslaw without mayo sprinkled with cheese. Unbelievable! He’s almost never whiny anymore and is just a pleasure to be around. It was my own resistance that kept me serving him what he asked for (such as pasta, etc.). Now it’s a whole different story. THANK YOU!! I know that if moms just gave it a little time, they would have the same experience.”

– M. Einbender

“When I found myself unexpectedly pregnant at the age of twenty, I realized that my previous years of pain weren’t just meant to encourage or help others, but were for my own strength too. When I had my first panic of “Oh my gosh, I have to go through labor at the end of this,” I quickly expelled that thought far from my mind, remembering the tribal women of Dr. Weston A. Price’s studies and their ability to give birth with ease. From that moment on, my focus was not only nutrition for my own body, but also building a healthy foundation for my baby and preparing my body for a natural birth.

Those nine months were magical! I increased my diet from around 70 percent raw to 95 percent raw. I felt so fantastic that I still laugh thinking about all the times people asked me “How are you feeling?” expecting me to have a list of complaints filled with swollen ankles, back pain, heartburn, and who knows what else the average American woman suffers from today during pregnancy. I was taken aback by the way our society looks at pregnancy as an illness, when in reality it should be the most empowering (not to mention healthy) time of our lives as women.

Through months of green smoothies, prenatal yoga, long walks, and daily confessions and visualizations of how quick and easy my labor experience would be, I was beyond ready to meet my baby when I went into labor (while I was coincidentally reading Raw Food Life Force Energy by Natalia Rose) on the evening of September 23, 2009. After five hours of labor at home, I decided we were ready to meet the midwife at the hospital. We checked into the hospital room, and forty minutes later, my son Dimitri made his great entrance into the world.

I proudly became the exception to our society by giving birth all naturally (on my hands and knees), and choosing for my son to receive no shots, vaccines, or antibiotics. Birth should be a spiritual moment, not a hospitalized illness. Looking back on my quest for health, I now know that if I had never gone through the desperation and pain that I did in my teenage years, I would have been robbed not only of my health by the time I was forty, but also of an experience that I believe, quite frankly, all women are entitled to.

Our society brainwashes us with so many untruths. Stop believing the lie that you have to endure a miserable pregnancy, followed by horrific, painful labor. If I can transform from a junk-food junkie at age 16 into an all-natural mamma by age 22, you, too, can do anything for your health and your children’s health, and have the power to change any situation along the way.”

– E. Kalmukos

“Hope you’re wonderful! It has been a couple of years now since we’ve talked, but I have been thinking a lot about you. Colden is now three and a half. His eczema has been completely manageable in the last couple years—ironically—until the last two months. We are back to juicing and on a really good program and got him clear within a week.

We also have a new baby girl. She is five months old today. She had a patch here and there of eczema, but nothing like her brother. And since I have been back on juice and a more raw diet, she is clear now as well. Just wanted you to know that we do still think about you and are so grateful to all you taught us in our consultation and through your books.”

– C. Tobias

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Life Force Families – FAQ’s for families

Life Force Families – grocery shopping list


  • Greens for juice and salad
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes
  • Winter Squash (acorn, butternut, spaghetti)
  • Fresh herbs
  • Ginger Root
  • Garlic
  • *Other seasonal vegetables you love
  • Lemon/Lime
  • Apples
  • Berries
  • Bananas
  • Avocado
  • *Other seasonal fruit you love
  • Paper Towels
  • Bath Paper
  • Natural Dishwashing Soap
  • Natural Laundry Detergent
  • Natural Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Natural Soap
  • Natural Toothpaste
Packaged Goods
  • Organic Marinara Sauce (no added sugar and minimal or no added oil)
  • Spelt, Quinoa, Buckwheat, or Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Organic Ketchup
  • Organic Dijon Mustard
  • Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce
  • Stevia (NuNaturals)
  • Organic Cocoa Powder
  • Raw Honey
  • Organic Agave Nectar
  • Organic Maple Syrup
  • Nut Milk (Pacific Brand)
  • Nut Butter (Almond, cashew, or hazelnut and preferably raw)
  • 70% or more Dark Chocolate
  • Pure Fruit Spread *no added sugar
  • Sprouted Grain Bread/Bagels/Tortillas/Hamburger Buns
  • Herbal Tea
  • Organic Unsalted Butter (Horizon)
  • Raw Cheddar Style Goat Cheese
  • Goat Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Orga Organic Ketchup
  • Organic Dijon Mustard
  • Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce
  • Stevia (NuNaturals)
  • Nut Milk (Pacific Brand)
  • Nut Butter (Almond)
  • Jelly (St. Dalfour’s)
  • Sprouted Grain Bread/B
  • Hamburger Buns
  • Raw Cheddar Style Goat
  • Goat Yogurt

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Life Force Families – FAQ’s for families

Life Force Families – food preparation safety list

Feeding a family to generate health, beauty, and joyful wellness is first and foremost about choosing the right foods, and creating the right emotional environment within the home. Food preparation is a big part of this. Keeping your fruits and vegetables as the focus of each meal is easy when you have the right tools, and when this way of living becomes a habit.


1. One of the most important steps you’ll take in this process is throwing away your microwave. Don’t pass it on to someone else, get rid of it! Even using your microwave to heat a cup of tea water fills the house with the worst kind of electromagnetic radiation, and no food eaten from a microwave will ever be a health generator.

2. Pots and pans should always be aluminum-free. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s, and many other diseases. It is especially dangerous for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Read more about aluminum poisoning here.

3. Never, never, never use a Teflon non-stick surface! A bit of water, some organic butter or coconut butter, and you’ll have no sticking issues anyway. Select instead pots and pans of stainless steel, cast iron, or copper. Be careful to read the fine print, many stainless steel and copper items have an aluminum core for even heat distribution.

4. Using cast iron cookware is a great way to increase iron in the diet of family members who are suffering from anemia (which will naturally decrease the further they get into this lifestyle). One of Natalia’s other trick for reducing anemia is to push an iron nail into a peach overnight, and then enjoy the peach the next day with its added benefits! Several recent studies have underlined this concept.

5. When cooking a dish that would require aluminum foil, use parchment paper or a small glass casserole dish with a lid to seal in the juices in the same way. If You Care Baking makes everything from parchment paper to muffin and cupcake liners with no bleach, chlorine, or quilon. It uses instead naturally occurring silicone for multiple uses.

6. For great glassware, Pyrex is the classic and still one of the best choices.

7. In general, silicone is manufactured synthetically and should be avoided. Recent trends towards baking sheets and muffin tins in silicone candy colors just can’t beat good old-fashioned cast iron bakeware!

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Life Force Families – FAQ’s for families

Life Force Families – lunch bag ideas








Sweet potato



Filtered water

Kashi chocolate chip cookie


Acorn squash


Goat’s or sheep’s milk yogurt

100% all natural fruit or vegetable juice

Kollar cookie


Whole-wheat or sprouted-grain bread sandwich options:
-Nut butter & high-quality jelly (try St. Dalfour jellies)
-Avocado with Dijon mustard, sprouts, and lettuce
-Nut butter & raw honey (and banana, if desired)
-Raw cheddar-style goat cheese with mustard, lettuce, sprouts


Raw nuts or seeds

Coconut water

High-quality raw treat


Hummus and tomato with avocado or sweet potato on pita or whole-grain tortilla

Raw honey

Unsulfured, sugarless dried fruit (e.g., raisins, apples, apricots)

Fruit or vegetable juice (no sugar)

70% Dark Chocolate

Sliced melon

Baked beets

Nut butter (preferably raw)

Raw granola

Late July Oreo-style cookies

Sliced avocado

Veggie burger on sprouted-grain bread with slice of goat cheese (Sunshine Burgers are great!)

Maple syrup

Slices of raw cheddar-style goat cheese

Kashi oatmeal raisin cookie


Leftover dinner

Organic ketchup

Terra Sweet Potato Chips

Cascadian Farms Chocolate Chip Bar

Sliced bell peppers

Avocado and mixed cooked veggies and salsa on pita or whole-grain tortilla


Homemade carrot or kale chips

Detox dessert of your choice

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Life Force Families – FAQ’s for families

Life Force Families – school vaccination waiver

Your Name
Your Address
Your Contact Phone


School Contact Name
School Name
School Address

Dear X,

This is to clarify that we have chosen not to continue to vaccinate our child, NAME, for religious reasons. It is our belief that our bodies are sacred — that the blood chemistry and cellular integrity that makes up our body must not be compromised and defiled by the viruses, synthetics, heavy metals and animal derivatives contained in the suggested vaccines. We believe that these contents are agents of cellular abnormalities. We feel that the negative effects they inflict far outweigh their benefits. We also feel that defiling the body in this way is an insult to our Creator’s design for the human being and thereby defies God’s will.

We greatly appreciate your consideration of this matter and are available to answer any further questions you may have.


Your Name

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Life Force Families – FAQ’s for families

Life Force Families – Food chart

This chart lists foods and substances from the easiest to digest or most alkaline to those that are the hardest to digest or most acidic. Please refer to our Assessment Survey to determine the appropriate percentages of these categories for your daily intake.





Organic fruits and vegetables (raw or cooked)Organic fruit and vegetable juicesCoconuts (young or mature)

Coconut water

Unsulfured dry fruit

Raw nuts and seeds

All whole-grain (preferably “ancient grains” such as quinoa, millet, spelt, Kamut and amaranth) breads and pastasDark chocolate (70% or more cocoa)Wine*

Wild and free-range animal meats


Raw and/or pasteurized goat and sheep cheeses

Organic butter

Cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil

High-quality, whole-grain baked, “smartly sweetened” packaged or baked goods (e.g., Cascadian Farms chocolate chip bars or Kashi cookies)

Foods listed in Transition Foods Chart

Organic cow dairy White flour and all refined flour products

White sugar and all products made from white sugar

Fried foods

Mainstream fish

Substances made from soy**

All non-cold-pressed oils

Gourmet treats

Non-raw nuts

Public school cafeteria foods (normally comprised of toxic foods, at least in part)

Mainstream dairy products

Mainstream candy

Movie theater popcorn

Mainstream meats

Mainstream packaged or baked goods

Fast food

Recreational drugs

Elective pharmaceutical drugs


Airplane meals

Infant Formula

*Helpful to do organic or biodynamic wine whenever possible. Avoid “big production” wines whenever possible. Obviously not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or under the age of 21!
**Exceptions are edamame, miso, and Nama Shoyu soy sauce

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Life Force Families – FAQ’s for families

Life Force Families – transition foods chart

Converting the picky eater/transition foods chart

The below table lists common toxic and non-ideal mainstream foods on the left and their higher-quality upgrades on the right. Although the transition foods on the right are not health generators per se, they are less toxic alternatives to make this lifestyle enjoyable and doable, in the long term. Some people use these foods in the beginning of their transition to get them moving in the right direction, and others use these throughout their lifetime. How you decide to utilize these transition foods depends on your current state of health and your long-term health goals.

This is a great resource to print and take with you when you go grocery shopping or out on the town. Refer to it often, and check back regularly for updated items!



White bread; white-flour bagels Whole-wheat or sprouted-grain bread and bagels (Alvarado St. Bakery, Ezekial 4:9, or Food for Life are great options)
Mainstream cookies Kashi, Cascadian Farm, or Late July Oreo-style cookies (these are so good they deserve special mention!) or any raw treats you can find at your local health food stores
Mainstream chips Guiltless Gourmet, Garden of Eatin’, or Food Should Taste Good baked chips
Mainstream pretzels Lundberg Family Farms, or any type of spelt pretzels
Protein or energy bars Larabars, Kashi, or Lydia’s
Peanut butter Any organic and natural nut butter, except peanut
Mainstream microwave popcorn Good Health Half Naked popcorn
White-flour pancakes with processed syrup Whole-grain or sprouted-grain pancakes with all-natural maple syrup
White pasta with butter or marinara Whole-wheat, spelt, buckwheat, or quinoa pasta with organic butter or organic marinara (Paesana or Seeds of Change are great options)
Mainstream pizza Homemade pizza on sprouted grain or whole wheat pizza crust with marinara sauce, any tapenade you can find, and all the veggies you love. Add raw goat cheese if desired!
Hamburgers Marinated portobello mushroom burger with sprouted-grain buns, or Sunshine Vegetable Burgers (avoid any soy-based veggie burgers)
Mainstream ketchup and mustard Organic ketchup and mustard (Annie’s brand is a good option, but not all of the Annie’s products are high quality so pay attention to the ingredients!)
Mainstream cooking oils Small amounts of organic butter, or coconut oil/butter
Mainstream canned soup Muir Glen, Dr. McDougall’s, or Taste Adventure soups
Cow’s milk; soy milk Goat’s milk, nut milk (Pacific Brand), coconut water, coconut milk
Mainstream yogurt Goat’s milk yogurt
Mainstream ice cream Goat’s milk ice cream, coconut ice cream
Pasteurized juice Unpasteurized natural juice, or pasteurized juice with no added ingredients (such as sugar!)

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