If you happen to be at your local health shop today or ordering online, might I suggest a bottle of Artemisinin (a.k.a. Wormwood). Artemisinin is a highly effective parasite destroyer. When a virus is inside a host cell, it becomes an “obligate intracellular parasite.” Artemisinin is so effective against malaria and the family of herpes viruses because they are not just viruses, they are also parasites! We think of them as viruses but they actually behave like parasites. Ergo, why don’t we deal with this latest rogue virus as a parasite rather than as a virus, particularly if we are unsuccessful in the latter??


Best of all, there is no negative effect from taking Artemisinin – it is always at the top of the list of pathogen-eviscerating tools I recommend for my clients. So, the worst that can happen if you take it is you’ll smoke out hoards of parasites that you would be well rid of anyway and you’ll have a stronger immune system for it! Best case: you’ll also smoke out any uninvited Covid-19 RNA that wormed their way (allow the pun) into your cells. Here’s to conquering this thing, my beautiful human family!


in loving service,