Hi Everyone,

I’m writing this from the brimming-with-life-force Grand Teton National Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Ana and I are here with my kids and hubby celebrating his 50th birthday. We’ve been up early every day ripping up the slopes (actually, my husband, Lawrence, kids, and Ana rip it up while I attempt to keep up)! Mostly we’re just really enjoying being here in this powerfully life-generating environment! Last night we had the great privilege of dining on raw and steamed organic veggies, raw goat cheese, a great wine (fresh buffalo meat for the meat-eaters among us) in a tipi on the Snake River in the deep, pristine snow. It reminded me again of how well indigenous Americans once lived and how misguided our common misperceptions are of what their lives were like. The architecture of the tipi’s central woodburning ovens and the hot stones kept us toasty out in the middle of a snowy February night. I had a far greater desire to spend the week in the tipi than to return to the posh hotel, which all five of the children with us vocalized, emphatically! The children (aged 5 to 13) were having the most exciting, fun night of their lives. Video games, movies, and shopping were the last things on their minds, and could never have captivated them as this environment did.

Finally, an announcement: Part Two of Emotional Eating S.O.S. is now up in the exclusive content area of the DetoxCommunity. There are still several parts to come, which I am presently working on, each one addressing issues critical to overcoming emotional eating and all manner of behavioral imbalances. My goal is to decode the causes and solutions and put an empowering, practical toolbox in your hands. The first three parts lay the foundation that you will need in order to make that toolbox work for you. I appreciate your patience, and I hope this information helps to pull you up and out of these painful cycles.

Here’s to your wholeness!