Recipe of the Week by Natalia Rose Institute Executive Chef Doris Choi: Perilla Salad

Perilla Salad

For Salad

•4 heads romaine lettuce, shredded

•Handful perilla leaves, made into chiffonade

•2 English cucumbers, julienned

•½ package 100% soba noodles, cooked and rinsed well


For Dressing

•½ cup Nama Shoyu soy sauce

•Juice of 1 lemon

•Juice of 2 limes

•¼ teaspoon garlic, minced

•¼ teaspoon ginger, minced

•Pinch of crushed red pepper

•½ bunch scallions, minced

•Pinch of black pepper


Shred the romaine by laying down the head of lettuce on a cutting board, stabilizing the top, tip down, with one hand and slicing thinly across after the stem. Chiffonade the perilla leaves by lining them up on top of each other, rolling them up, and slicing them thinly. Using a julienne peeler, such as the Titan brand, julienne the English cucumbers into ribbons. Mix the salad ingredients together, place the cooked soba noodles on top, and dress With the Nama Shoyu mixture.