Self Care


Try not to do much aside from your self-care and tending gently to others as required. Schedule as little as possible.


Prioritize deep breathing, long hot baths, long sleeps, walks in nature or fresh water swims as suits your nature.


Deep peace, lucidity and remaining intact is as good as gold right now (and possibly more rare).


The things that seemed to matter before (like material success, vanity, external achievements, the rat race, etc.) don’t matter anymore.


It’s not easy to stay sane with so much incoherence vibrating around your aethers. But that is what is being asked of us and what will forge us, by fire and pressure like swords & diamonds into a Great, Blazing Golden Soul!


There is more going on than we know right now in the realm of Soul-Force. We are being forged into greater beings if we do not melt or buckle under the heat & pressure.


Take great care of your integrity (on all levels) and stay in the incorruptible Light. Nothing else matters.


If we survive this intact, we will level up.


in loving service,