Canceling False Codes


Taking care of oneself in today’s world takes on a much higher meaning and expression. What follows has always been the ideal but is now an urgent call:


To take care of yourself in these times is to build a fortress of incorruptible light in and around yourself. It is to cultivate a truly strong mind, free of mind-control, free of brainwashing and a heart so pure that you do not have any of your power drained by the typical inclinations common to the dark world we were all indoctrinated by.


We were not only indoctrinated with ideologies that undermined our light and our sovereignty but with ‘feeling-templates’ that caused us to develop what you might call demons in our hearts, “feeling-devils or “emotional pathogens” as you prefer. “Feeling devils” are emotions that undermine our light codes and sovereignty in the same way as evil thought forms in our mental field, just in a different center of our being (the emotional center).


We must become so vigilant over these undermining thoughts and feelings that were overlaid upon our true blueprint so we can dissolve them. ‘Thought/feeling-devils’ keep us out of our power. They are so sly that they convince us they are important so we prioritize these thoughts & feelings, unaware that we are behaving as slaves to a program. These false, overlaid codes that direct our thoughts & feelings are our chains, our cages, our shackles and our prison wardens.


What can you do about them? How can you cancel and dissolve them so as to restore your authentic, native, pure light codes? You can start by observing your thoughts and feelings rather than accepting and acting upon them. Trace them back to their origin, your Matrix coding. When you see them in their false light origin, you will be able to render them powerless. From there, you can instead choose thoughts and feelings that are in-line with the incorruptible light from which we come, that which we are.


How many of these false light codes can you identify in the course of an hour? More than you can possibly count. But try to note them down somehow and see the patterns and connections between them.


Its a huge challenge but I encourage you to track them. Unchecked, they feed on your life and multiply.  Catching these false codes is part of shadow work (the codes that run your life unnoticed are ‘in the shadows’). You overcome and set yourself free (from Matrix enslavement) by identifying them, not by deflecting your attention from them and pretending it’s not so (that will only keep you stuck).


As you catch them, remember not to criticize yourself. You’re winning when you catch whole hoards of them. It shows your strength; it’s not a weakness. It is also an act of great self-love to identify and dispel these false codes because as you identify them, you activate the conditions for the true codes to come forth and fill you with the real light! Always ask yourself (for this is the great litmus test between the real vs. false light): “Is this [thought/feeling] incorruptible? Does it contribute to my corrosion or to my embodiment of incorruptibility?” Incorruptibility is the only way home. Home is our embodiment of the Supreme Essence. This is why we must not think ill of anyone and keep our thoughts pure.


But please don’t mistake me: this does not mean we turn a blind eye to the evil in the world. It means that we can be warriors and slay these evils, staring them down while we remain uncorrupted by the sight of them. You can see the truth of the horrors of this moment in time and speak the truth with power and clarity. No need to hide or divert your eyes. Power is not running from the horrors of the 3-D world. The more you develop and embody the real (incorruptible) light, the more you can move across the battlefield saving the innocent and decapitating the vile enemy. The sun doesn’t get dirty or have it’s light diminished when it shines its cleansing rays upon a filthy, depraved city, for example. Love is fierce. True love is a force of incorruptible Spirit. That is what we can become! That is the focus of self-care in our times!


in loving service,