Slant Boards


This is not a gratuitous body shot. Rather, I wanted to share with you how you can turn an incline in your garden (or local park or hill) into a body slant board. What you’re looking at here is a little hard to see but I’m lying on a rather steep incline in my garden (it’s steeper than it looks).


I take the opportunity to double up on my sunbathing and inversions – two body care essentials – just by doing my sunbathing with a gentle inversion on the grass.


Slant boards are just gentle inversions ensuring the head is below the feet. The body slant board was introduced into the natural health world by Bernard Jensen in the 1960’s. And unlike full inversions like headstands which are not ideal unless you are already in excellent health, the slant board provides all the benefits of reversing gravity’s pressure on the body: enabling the blood flow to be directed to the brain and eyes, relieving strain on the internal organs and so much more!


When we find clever ways of doing many body/spirit care practices at once, it’s a huge win! You can sunbathe, invert, meditate, cleanse your mind & purify your heart, cleanse your field, receive the cosmic intelligence from the sun’s rays and the healing frequency from the earth all at once!


in loving service,