We are Here to Grow our Soul-Force



At a certain point each one of us will come to discover that we are here in human form to grow our Soul-Force. When we reach this crystal clear realization, suddenly we are so easily able to walk away from a culture of folly. When we experience this flash of truth, all that is inferior to this mission to grow our souls becomes obviously silly, such as the goal to make lots of money, to achieve status, to claim an enviable place among the social hierarchy, etc.


When we come to value our Soul-Force above all, we confidently walk away from culture and all that goes with it and we truly don’t care what the outcome may be because nothing is sweeter or more valuable to us than having our Soul-Force intact.


When we prioritize the integrity of our Soul-Force, we are in flow with life and have tasted a little known (but far greater) kind of success.


We have triumphed over the forces of error, of disease, of pettiness & drama, greed and unquenchable appetites. We have transcended the cult of culture and discovered the incalculable wealth that we truly are. Soul-Force is the most prized currency in the Multi-verses. If your Soul-Force has been co-opted away in large part, as is the case for most people, it’s time to retrieve it whilst cleansing and strengthening your being. Times are changing for the better for those who are well-prepared, well-rested and ready for battle.



In loving service,