Spiritual Reconnection – How it Works


  1. Remove any and all obstruction (on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic) to your connection  with The Great Spirit/Pure Creator Source/God.
  2. Increase the integrity of that connection by increasing your alignment with it.
  3. This will result in a massive, rushing flow of conductivity (equal to the quality of your reconnection) from Source.


You must remove the obstruction and increase the integrity of the ‘line.’ (The ‘line’ is the channel from Source to you).


Any way in which you can remove obstruction between you & Source flow is priceless.


The body, mind and heart are choked with obstruction from Matrix conditioning and habits. Identify them ruthlessly every day. Cast them out and watch your connection improve. You will restore connectivity that has been cut off when you succeed in casting off these blocks on any and all levels. You will know you’ve been successful because Divine Source Mind will sweep through those places that were blocked before and fill your whole being. You’ll have more vivid messages in your dreams, you’ll receive insights, experience inexplicable synchronicities, know things about situations (and be right), you’ll see/feel right through to the essence of people. These are your natural powers coming back to you. You will not be able to indulge inauthenticity in yourself or others any longer. Your desires and aims will align with Divine Source. You’ll distinctly feel bliss run through you – it will be a visceral experience, not hypothetical.


  1.  Restore connection.
  2.  Increase connection through fine tuning your integrity.
  3.  Receive the increased Source flow (the true light codes).


These are the simple mechanics of spirituality. Nothing else needed. No ceremonies, no chants, no special postures or mudras. Just unblock what was blocked and the Source Light (intelligence) will stream through and restore your original design.


in loving service,