3D vs 5D

3D vs 5D

Matrix-Construct Dimension vs Our Natural Dimension


Allow me to simplify the notion of 3D vs 5D.


3D is the Matrix construct dimension. 5D is our natural dimension without the Matrix construct enslaving, ensnaring, confining & constricting us.


The Dragonfly


To go back to the dragonfly analogy I used a while back: Imagine you are a dragonfly caught in a spider’s big sticky web. That limitation is 3D. Your movements are limited. You cannot use your faculties of flight. You are doomed to calcify and be consumed.


Next, imagine your dragonfly friends see you in trouble and whip up an anti-web solution that dissolves the fabric of spider webs. They drop it to you in a parachute with a note attached with instructions for use. You apply the solution and the web slowly but surely completely dissolves. Your dragonfly life can now resume! You can take flight, go anywhere, join your dragonfly friends, live according to your nature.


Reclaim Your Life


5D resumes automatically when the 3D Matrix web construct is dissolved, which is done by the ‘solution’ of attaining awareness of this Matrix construct and then dispelling/dissolving the false light codes programmed into us. The degree to which this is accomplished is the degree to which each of us shifts dimensional states.


So, the 3D experience means you’re in the Matrix construct. The 5D experience means you’re out. (4D as I understand it is the construct of time which I presume has been misused/inverted to be a tool of oppression in the Matrix but will be restored/righted beyond the Matrix).


What are these false light codes and how to we dissolve them? More on that to come…


in loving service,


Natalia Rose