Beauty that Shines from Within

Beauty that Shines from Within

Beauty that Shines from Within


“Your body is the harp of your soul. It is yours to bring forth sweet music or confused sounds.” – Kahlil Gibran


As an avid observer of trends and trend predictions, I have noted a significant shift in what we find beautiful in our culture.


Instead of continuing to value youth for the sake of youth and flawlessness for the sake of flawlessness, I find that as people awaken, they are starting to look less for commonly held ideals of perfection in terms of external beauty and more for beauty that shines from within and manifests without in the form of a fresh, natural glow.


Personal authenticity is growing more valuable while plastic perfection is being seen for the illusion that it is.


Any good art designer or plastic surgeon can produce a perfect image. That’s old hat. The new beauty (you might say it is the “original beauty”) is one that shines from within – not just some image of commonly accepted perfection that we are conditioned to call “beauty.”


Clarity and love are the new beauty and, over time, those who embody unconditional love and increase the love-light within themselves will be seen to be (and actually will be) physically more attractive.


Plastic surgery, chemicals and the like place more density and poison in our being. With your New Energy Body you will naturally blossom into greater visual beauty too!


I already see my contemporaries preferring to be around others that are pure of purpose and of spirit.


The people that I know of that are leaders and think for themselves are choosing friends, dates and mates who embody this inner beauty first; beauty for the sake of beauty is not “de rigeur” and will eventually be recognized as meaningless as more and more people awaken to the illusion of the old beauty.


People want to be around other people that make them feel good and are good to others. I mention this specifically because so many of my readers are in search of ways to become more attractive and may have been drawn to this book in an attempt to improve their physical appearance.


That will come; I can assure you – for the rejuvenation of the body, the heart and your hidden energy source are all inexorably connected.


An authentic glow, the result of dropping old patterns, aggression and fears and truly being oneself is the new “hot.”


Are you ready to sizzle?


FROM: The New Energy Body by Natalia Rose


Conditions for Beauty

Conditions for Beauty

Create the Conditions to be Beautiful


If you want to be beautiful, you must create the conditions for beauty. The conditions for beauty are as follows:




Intelligence (which is synonymous with ‘life force’); and



There you have it. Possess these qualities and you will be in fullest possession of beauty. Maintain it long enough and things of beauty will flock to you as like seeks like and gathers more of itself to itself. Pretty fabulous, isn’t it? And no Botox, implants or fat suctioning required. Just truth, beautiful truth.


in loving service,





Thoughts on Beauty


If you ever think beauty is expensive, remember this:


Beauty is receiving light from the sun into your skin, eyes and sacred brain.
Beauty is a long, hot bath with natural, alkaline soap.
Beauty is giving yourself a generous foot massage in that bath.
Beauty is electrons conducting/kissing life force within you and in your environment.
Beauty is clean blood and tissues.
Beauty is loving touch.
Beauty is inclusivity.
Beauty is respecting and revering life in all its countless forms.
Beauty is discerning true beauty from illusions of beauty and knowing which to emulate.
Beauty is allowing yourself to truly feel everything that moves through you.
Beauty is putting your mind on the most exquisite thoughts you can muster up.
Beauty is surrendering to a long night’s sleep at 9:30pm.
Beauty is being a life-generating force for all life affected by your field.
Beauty is simple and clean. Beauty is biting into a tomato that you grew!
Beauty is the care we take to balance and support life’s interconnectivity at every level.
Beauty is when the sap from the heart of our being surges with love.
And of course, I could go on and on as that which is expresses true beauty is infinite as life itself.


However, what’s expensive, beauty is not…
Beauty is not being served Foie Gras with Truffles in St. Tropez in July.
Beauty is not drinking French champagne, donned in haute-couture.
Beauty is not stilettos on the red carpet.
Beauty is not self-importance.
Beauty is not segregation and exclusivity.
Beauty is not cocktails and perfume.
Beauty is not spraying on formaldehyde sun-screen on the beach in St. Barts.
Beauty is not weakening the integrity of your teeth with chemical whitening agents.
Beauty is not believing you are less beautiful because your face shows signs of life and experience. And on and on…


But then, perhaps beauty is all of these things because when you pay the real price for this latter category, which is far more than the sticker price, you thirst only for real beauty — and that can be a beautiful (albeit painful) journey. I’ve been around enough to know and share that the simple, life-generating path is the sweetest place to be.


Of course, the emotional, energetic, physical and financial freedom it takes to create such a world of true beauty for yourself is, shall we say, “priceless?” Be the beauties that you are and don’t fall for any imitations.




Fashion and Image: See it and Release it!

Fashion and Image: See it and Release it!

Fashion / Image


As the Matrix-Mind construct becomes more clear, we can see things we couldn’t necessarily or easily see before. I’d like to shine a spotlight on the fashion and image programs embedded into us through the dark Matrix agenda of power and control.


We have given away the power associated with self-acceptance and eldership as we were entrained to idolize extreme youth and unattainable physiques.


I strongly recommend recapitulating your life in terms of images of beauty, desirable body shape, desirability at-large, ‘coolness,’ ‘success,’ and all the opposites as well: what is undesirable, uncool, ugly, etc.


Expunge that which Idolizes Image


Back-track & recall it all: from the magazines and movies to the more recent online, social media  image-platforms. We need to expunge and be done with anything that idolizes image period, but codes of false beauty and the very young particularly. By idolizing these false codes we are feeding the deepest, darkest perversions presently being revealed.  The images we were wired to worship and driven to attain were created to further worship ‘their’ perversions and cause us to wreck our bodies and deny our own embodiment of beauty-truths.


In shedding these perverted, false programs, we can embrace true beauty and value maturity, strength and the sacred geometries of the body (inside & out) as an embodiment of the purest manifestation of Light-in-form.


This will bring a new level of freedom and empowerment to so many of you!


in loving service,


Natalia Rose

Detoxing from the Matrix: On Beauty

Detoxing from the Matrix: On Beauty

On Beauty


O Beauty, art thou authentic or artificial? True beauty is always authentic. True beauty is the physical expression of the Supreme Creator’s vibratory imprint which contains and conducts Its codes of intelligence and love. Beauty is a natural quality of the Divine. It comes from the Supreme Network of Life. But, as we know, the Dark Matrix-mind construct takes everything in the Supreme Network of Life/God/Creator and inverts it for it’s destructive means.


Beauty, for many of you is the portal into one of the biggest holds the Matrix has on you. Therefore, coming to understand the false codes the Matrix used to program you can also be your most valuable ticket out of the Matrix-mind. Wherever we are most ensnared, therein lie our greatest opportunities!




The first thing to know is that that which is artificial is categorically antithetical to life. If something is artificial it is going to oppose, corrupt, unsettle, suppress or otherwise damage life. The two are just not copacetic. Ergo, everything you use to ‘care’ for your body, your skin, your hair, your nails, your teeth and even your clothing and everything tangentially connected to your body that is chemical based or not in sync with natural life – is the Matrix-mind’s brain child and is robbing you of your youth and beauty, even as it promises to restore, enhance and protect it.


When you identify these things and stop using them, you will do two marvelous things:


1) You will be stopping the Matrix-mind from exploiting you, and


2) You will give yourself the opportunity to reconnect with the Supreme Network of Life/God/Creator Power which can then bring you into alignment with its patterns and higher codes so you can be authentically beautiful.


Recognize these False Codes


Remember the mere fact that people see beauty as they do today seeking cartoonish ‘perfection’ is yet another false Matrix-mind code.  You can take so much of your power back and reconnect to the SNL/Source simply by becoming aware that these are false codes programmed into you in order to siphon and exploit your energy.  I know it’s hard to fathom that you can change tracks with regard to your beauty routine and beauty ideals, but you really can! In fact, it’s really the way things are going as people start to wake up.


It’s the Matrix’s destructive codes and programs that drive the modern consumption of food, drink, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs and cause the patterns of stress and over-indulgence that are making everyone so heavy, imbalanced, and riddled with unappealing physical symptoms.


Here’s a starter list of the substances and practices from the artificial Matrix-mind used to hook you into illusory, false beauty. But remember that when you live cleanly and remove the ‘land-fill’ of waste inside your body through clean eating, colon cleansing, sun-bathing, deep sleeps and self care and beauty routines that align with life, you will never look back!


Artificial Matrix-mind construct Beauty Traps:



Plumping injections

All unnatural skin care products, soaps and hair products

Mainstream nail polish

Professional teeth whiteners (weaken the enamel)

Implants to enhance body parts

Contraceptive implants

Mainstream menstruation items

Toxic deodorant

Fluoridated toothpaste and chemical mouthwash

Clue: You should never need to use eye drops to have clear eyes. You’ll know you are restored in large part when your eyes are always naturally clear and shining!


Random beauty tips:


  • Try the company HairPrint for natural coverage of grey hair.
  • Mix some pure raw castor oil into raw, virgin coconut oil for the best ever body and face oil. Rub extra castor oil on your tummy to help with natural eliminations. Use it in your hair with bergamot oil and essential oil of peppermint to help encourage hair growth.
  • Add a few drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide to your natural toothpaste for consistent, non-harmful tooth whitening.
  • Wear clothing that feels really good with soft fabrics. No more constricting the body and being miserable in your clothes and underthings.
  • Be naked as much as possible. it enables your skin to breathe — especially if you can be out doors with your feet in the soil and for goodness sakes, get some sun beams all over your body.


A cleansed body can handle far more sunlight and will turn a lovely shade of caramel instead of lobster pink. You’ll only discover these things when you cleanse deeply and exorcise the Matrix-codes, restoring yourself to the Creator-codes!


You’re beautiful! Truly!


in loving service,