Brush & Cup: Simple yet Powerful and Effective!

Brush & Cup: Simple yet Powerful and Effective!



Such simple concepts and yet so powerful & effective! I know it seems a labor to dry brush daily but you know it’s working because you feel so wonderful immediately afterward. The euphoria ringing through the skin & lymph is unquestionably communicating that good work has been done. It’s a great example of the effort required to bring about a syntropic result!




Then, I apply whatever pure oil I have on hand to my ‘trouble zones’ (in my case, front & back of my thighs) and use the large sized Bella Baci cup to bring about increased circulation (the suction from the cups draws oxygenated blood to the surface cells which otherwise tend to get the short end of the stick and help loosen the fascia, trapped fluid and adipose knitting that increases the appearance of cellulite). This cupping is generally painful at the start. But as the cupping does its work after a few sessions, it really doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, it feels quite nice. The appearance of cellulite can appear worse as the tension in the fascia releases. (This seems to be different for everyone as some find they have immediately positive cosmetic results).


I know the effect is ultimately positive as the method increases blood flow, massages unwanted tense calcification from the fascia for improved flow and leaves the skin feeling softer and the muscle more supple and youthful. Finally, I use the small, cone shaped Bella Baci cup on my face (always apply oil first). I do all this in the sauna so it’s an all-in-one routine. Time management is key! Blessings of health, happiness, strength & beauty!


In loving service,