Abstaining from Consumption

Abstaining from Consumption

Abstention from Consumption


Imagine if everyone went into nature, abstained from food and sex and took a vow of silence for a couple of weeks, just bathing in living-waters (inside and out), sleeping, resting and placing their thoughts ‘on High.’


A fierce army of individuals would emerge.


Cleansing, resting and abstaining from consumption create the conditions which flood the body, mind & Spirit with Life Force Power. The world may still be in shambles but such an individual would walk among the world’s ruins as a Force-field of strength & light.


Build your Fierce Being. Stand up heroically for the innocent and for righteousness. Your life is not merely relegated to this 3-D earth realm. What happens here matters less than what becomes of your Soul while you are here. It’s not about surviving in this body and lifetime – though that would be nice. It’s about your immortal, eternal Soul.


Even if they come at us with every evil from the Matrix,  it’s our eternal Souls that matter. Prepare for anything. Ready your body mind & Spirit. It’s through our Souls that we will win or fail here.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose