Why Detox?

Why Detox?



Detoxification is quite possibly the single most important thing we can do to improve our life. When done correctly, it removes all that stands in our way of pure energy, joy, and ideal physical experience.


When we share space in our body with substances that do not belong there (created by an unfit diet-lifestyle), we give away our clarity, authenticity, and inner power.


When we “de-toxify” (meaning we remove these harmful substances), we find ourselves in unfettered wholeness and thrive.


In my experience, the results of the Detox for Women method are powerful and immediate and they last. In fact, healthy and physique consistently improve over the long term.


Here are some of the common reports I receive from my clients who follow this method:


  • Rapid, lasting weight loss
  • Elimination or marked decrease of cellulite
  • Firming and tightening of the facial skin
  • Firming and tightening of other areas on the body
  • Increased circulation contributing to a healthy glow
  • Marked increase in energy throughout the day
  • Feelings of natural euphoria
  • Improvement of sleeping patterns
  • Reduction of wrinkles and under-eye circles
  • Decrease in mood swings
  • More comfortable menstrual cycles


– From Detox 4 Women by Natalia Rose


Intelligent Cleansing

Intelligent Cleansing

Intelligent Cleansing


Cooked foods and non-vegan foods are not the enemy: just as all raw or vegan foods are not fit for cleansing. It’s not as “black-and-white” as raw vs. cooked, or vegan vs. meat eater.


Intelligent cleansing is much more of a tapestry of what is good for our physiology, while also balanced for our emotions and yet also convenient for our lifestyle.


Yes, raw fruits and vegetables are the purest food for man, but knowing what we know about women today, we know that a woman fed exclusively on raw fruits and vegetables would bloat up and awaken waste that she could not pass fully on her own, and possibly arouse symptoms that would make her terribly uncomfortable.


Our bodies are more compromised and we have more addictions and social pressures around food. All of this must be tempered with what we know about cleansing for it to be of real, lasting effect. Including fish and goat cheese may not be pure foods but that’s okay. We need less-than-pure foods to intelligently cleanse in today’s world and in today’s body.


When it comes to detoxification, cooked vegetables, fish, and raw cheeses can be much more helpful than the common raw or vegan diet for several reasons.


(1) By incorporating some cooked and non-vegan foods, the body is prevented from over cleansing. The raw fruits and vegetables magnetize the acid waste out of the cells with their rich alkalinity, high enzyme content, and hydration. If we were to eat raw, water-containing fruits and vegetables exclusively at every meal we would be “awakening” copious amounts of waste at every meal. This would overwhelm the bowel and make detox an untenable experience riddled with cleansing symptoms and much reabsorbed waste. (When waste is not eliminated after a few days of awakening, it recirculates in the body and becomes reabsorbed into the tissues.)


(2) These high-quality, non-raw-vegan choices are easier to digest than many raw-vegan foods, and


(3) These foods provide enjoyment and stimulation without feeding yeast.


Cooked foods, which are usually shunned in detox and raw-diet programs, are actually a help and not a hindrance when cleansing. The cooked food helps slow the cleanse to the perfect degree for maximum waste elimination without reabsorption. I cannot count the number of raw food women who have come to me for help after months of trying to be all raw. The raw food propaganda out there is very alluring. But without intelligent transition and bowel cleansing, it is a disaster for women.


Extract from Detox 4 Women by Natalia Rose