Life Beyond the Matrix

Life Beyond the Matrix

The Three Stages


There are three stages to proficiency in any area of study: 1. The Initiate, 2. The Adept & 3. The Master.


First Stage, Initiate


In the first stage, the Initiate, a person chooses to commit to a chosen cause, art or course of study, so as to understand it. This is the ‘curriculum’ stage where the full spectrum of the curriculum is learned. In the second stage, the Adept, the individual has learned the curriculum fully and is a practitioner of it, practicing in order to be able to apply it with precision. In the final stage, the Master, the person’s proficiency is no longer dependent upon the intellect. S/He has practiced with accuracy sufficiently that the proficiency has become automatic, no intellect or thought behind it. It is embodied as an integrated, natural reflex.


You can see this in the mastery of a language or a martial arts practice or with a musical instrument and even in mathematics, writing, and communications of all kinds.


This is also the path out of the control of the Matrix-Mind construct.


The Initiate comprehends how an ill-meaning entity inverted the Key Natural Law of Mentalism to produce a Mind-Field to trap him and his fellow humans and commits to breaking free of it. S/he then learns the curriculum, which in this case is how this Matrix came to be, how It operates and all the levels of entrapment It utilizes.


Second Stage, Adept


From this point the Initiate graduates to the Adept who practices with increasing precision, releasing the false light codes that s/he has become able to see clearly. This person practices day in and day out by discerning what is false and by literally ‘righting’ and restoring the inverted lies to their upright truths. This stage requires a huge amount of energy because it relies heavily on the intellect and it calls hugely on emotional control because the emotions along with the mind have been wired to be triggered by Matrix programs (to feel variously: fearful, stressed, anxious, angered, slighted, depressed, competitive, insecure, to submit to confusion, etc.). Witnessing and halting these falsely wired emotions requires enormous attention and un-training. It has to be thorough though if one is ever going to master it and thereby live Beyond The Matrix.


Third Stage, Master


The Master is the one who has become so used to identifying and canceling the false codes that s/he no longer embodies them. This person is emotionally and mentally clean – that is to say, truly sane.


Life Beyond The Matrix cannot be experienced as long as one still buys in to any of the false emotional codes. If one is still operating out of those reactions I listed above, one will remain trapped in the control system.


So you have to understand the Matrix, yes – but don’t let the satisfaction of intellectually grasping it lull you into a false sense of accomplishment. That understanding is just the beginning. There is so much work to be done to get out and remove all its tentacles of control over you.


Again, like becoming masterful in a language or an instrument or a martial art, it requires a deep inner drive and loads of practice.


So watch all your reactions and triggers. You must become ‘clean’ of them. They are the tentacles, the sticky lines and corners of the webbing. The Matrix thinks It’s got you. Does it? What stage are you in?


This is me helping you get out. I look forward to focusing more now on life Beyond the Matrix rather than the Matrix construct itself. We must keep moving along. Stay with me so we can move along with the knowledge together. Practice. Become proficient. Make it automatic. Mastery & Life Beyond the Matrix awaits!


in loving service,