Final Feverish Installment

Final Feverish Installment

Fever, Antibiotics, and Alkaline Reserves


Just because fever is an alkaline response and pathogen infiltration is an acidic event, does not mean suppression therapy and antibiotics are never to be employed when you’re on the healing path. If fact, in certain circumstances, depending on where you are on the “transition bridge,” those substances may actually be the appropriate choice and you may just have to be alright with your alkaline reserves not being up to scratch just yet. The higher knowledge is provided to demystify and bring to your awareness a vaster way of seeing things that most people just take for granted, not to work you further into a corner. And as much as everyone enjoys a tip or a recipe, I’m selfishly far more interested in sharing the deeper secrets of which I have an endless supply and serves me no purpose without sharing it with you.


In order to know whether you are a solid candidate to ride out natural self-healing when fevers and bacterial infections present (which they can and often do even when you are deep into your cell cleansing journey), you have to be able to ascertain your own alkaline reserve at any given time. That alone takes an uncommon sense of awareness that usually only comes from years of deep-tissue cleansing.


One must be able to determine for oneself whether one is beyond the need for those acidic world necessities at any given moment. And just because one may be today, next month and next year’s circumstances may be quite different, requiring fresh evaluation. A true master of cleansing would never totally write off the possibility of needing meds because there can always be unexpected variables. And for the rest of the world, at least some of the time they will require antibiotic help since they just don’t have the alkaline reserve to mange the infestation.


So to be clear, the benevolent-fire cannot be assumed to have perfect intuition in a body that’s been acidic for years. And the acidic body may not have the wherewithal to eliminate the pathogens, in which case, until your alkaline/voltage reserve is richer down the road, you may well have to take an antibiotic if you get very sick in the interim.


My Own Meds History


On my 20-year-long (fairly extremist) journey with tissue cleansing I’ve probably only taken an antibiotic once, about 5 years in. Before cleansing, I was on multiple courses of antibiotics each year. I have not taken an aspirin or suppressant of any kind in any of these years, though I have had one or two high fevers and a handful of colds. Living in New York City, the air quality alone was a killer and I think I fared pretty well. But take your average person riddled with the modern stressors, toxic accumulation, symptoms of all kinds and then ask them to just lay in bed and get better and I tell you, chances are not so good that they’ll get better on their own.


Natural Tools and Resources


Of course, there are the natural tools which should be used in my opinion on a regular basis in today’s world (particularly colloidal silver and high quality essential oils) all of which I go into in detail in so many places so I’m not going to do that here – but they are very effective. The thing is, you want those healing tools to be part of your long-term protocol as it supports the deep cell-tissue cleansing lifestyle, not just to reach for them in a panic when you feel yourself falling to pieces. It’s usually too late for them to be much help at that desperate point.


Now, to answer the final question I set out to answer: What is the best way to support the body when we do get a fever? Well, when you get pulled into the fever place, there’s not much you can do but manage the ups and downs of the chills and sweats with fresh sheets, hot ready baths, herbal teas and comfortable cotton clothes. If you’re really lucky you might have someone nearby who’s not afraid to get close to you who’ll lovingly massage your feet with essential oils of Rosemary, Thyme, Fir trees and such (which I’d also place on my throat, chest, neck, crown and nape) and again, if it were me, I’d put a few drops of Cyprus and oregano oil on my tongue every few hours and sip lemon water with colloidal silver drops.


Ironically, you’ll find out just how healthy you are by how your body works through sickness. It’s a sure sign you’re in a high alkaline state if it only takes you 3-4 days to be back in your strength. By contrast, the worst part of being so vulnerable to needing meds is that it can take quite a long time (sometimes several weeks or more) to regain even some semblance of your previous power.


As Jim says to Huck, in Huckleberry Finn, “You gwyne to have considable trouble in yo’ life, en considable joy. Sometimes you gwyne to git hurt, en sometimes you gwyne to git sick; but every time you’s gwyne to git well agin.” — Mark Twain



Literally Fighting Fire with Fire (part 2)

Literally Fighting Fire with Fire (part 2)



As I was saying, you can quickly strengthen your functional-fire and put out the dysfunctional inflammation with diligent application of life-generating principles. On your path to healing, however, there are three significant additional factors I would suggest keeping top of mind to best understand what a real healing journey entails:


Alkaline reserve


With the right applied knowledge and dedication, the human system can be totally restored to a life-generating, non-inflammatory state. But it can take a while for the individual’s “alkaline reserve” (the negative-ionic-electron voltage in the body) to steadily rise from the state in which it developed such symptoms, to the state where it is not readily hospitable nor susceptible to such symptoms. As the alkaline reserve increases by the tissues being cleansed of waste (appropriate use of all the tools we use for that, carefully applied transition diet, etc.), the individual will transform completely. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do it and/or don’t hang in long enough, falling prey to fear, social customs, unhealthy work life, lack of discipline, self-doubt and countless other saboteurs. If someone with a strong alkaline reserve should temporarily find themselves over taxed by stress or over exposed to toxicity, they will have the advantage of their rich alkaline reserve to support and they will recover rapidly. In fact, under such conditions, typically the body will waste no time bringing about a high fever and drenching sweats to burn and expunge the offense to it’s harmony. So developing, increasing and sustaining a high alkaline reserve is key.




Our health is in our lineage. These days, that’s not good news. What our forefathers and foremothers did (physically, emotionally, mentally) informed our DNA and while we’ve been in a steady decline since the advent of the Agricultural Revolution 10,000 years ago when we went from living on wild (highly intelligent) foods, our physical integrity though our DNA has been in a veritable free fall over the last 150 years. Our weakened organ/gland fortitude coming down the pike coupled with the disaster of modern consumption and exposure to frequencies in our environment that unravel the integrity of our coding should explain why new medical reference guides to document the latest diseases is never ending (and the symptoms become increasingly devastating). Every generation is significantly weaker than the one that came before it because we are living an entropic life model. However, that’s not the whole story because our spirits today, this great burgeoning power were finding within to take hold of our truth, will triumph and those who wish to can fully restore their human technology right now.


The point is that keeping the “lineage factor” in mind will help you appreciate why your symptoms seem so hard to overcome.


Emotional consideration


Equal in measure to the physical factors is the emotional factor. To use Eczema as an example once again, we see how deep suppression of unsupportive physical and emotional accumulation conspire to create one diagnosis on the surface that actually has a complicated, dynamic root system (linage, pathogens, emotional pain/stress). There is always an emotional component to an illness. We have to listen closely to hear what the illness is trying to tell us.


A few final points on fevers


Fever is not an acidic event. It is an alkaline event. First, a hearty store of alkalinity (reserve electron-voltage) is required in order to generate the heat needed to create a fever (it’s much more challenging to rouse a needed fever if you’re already very weak/acidic). Fever-fire serves the organism back its own power in a self-regenerating circuit. This is known as implosive force, centripetal force, which I’ll speak more on next time.


Fevers are so valuable that there will surely come to market a product in due time to simulate a fever once everyone comes to realize it.


When people realize the power of the fever, they will want nothing more than to have the natural fever standby at the ready to eviscerate their pathogens. However, by then they might not have enough of an alkaline reserve to get it back. In the future, when a man asks his doctor, “Can you help me get it up?,” he won’t be referring to a prescription for Viagra!


In the natural fever we have something that kills everything harmful but leaves the healthy microbes flourishing. Show me, in all of medical history, anything that can do that!


Finally, those of you who understand cancer to be merely an extreme expression of pathogenic overtake in the body (namely fungus), will appreciate that fever may be considered the original cancer prevention mechanism: Should the body experience unsuppressed fevers at the naturally and necessary intervals, the proliferation pathogens that [may] define cancer arguably could never develop (assuming, a generally life-generating lifestyle of course).


On that hot note, I’ll sign off…


Literally Fighting Fire with Fire (part 2)

Literally Fighting Fire with Fire (part 1)



On the topic of fever, a friend asked an excellent question, “What does it mean if one rarely experiences fever? Is it a sign of being healthy or further suppression? While my son does not have fevers, he does have eczema.”


Functional Fever Fire vs Dysfunctional Fever Fire


What a perfect entry point for deepening our knowledge as it relates to two kinds of fire in the body. I’ll call the one “functional-fever-fire” and the other, “dysfunctional-inflammatory-fire.”


Think of the functional fever-fire as your inner benevolent dragon. By contrast, the dysfunctional-inflammation-fire that irritates and reddens the cells and tissues is the domain of the malevolent dragon. The redness/irritation of inflammation comes directly from the pathogenic forms we know of as fungus, bacteria, viruses and mold. These rogue microbes, in all their life-destructive madness “raise the red flag” so to speak in the body.




In a strong, alkaline body, your benevolent dragon will exterminate them rapid-fire. As a less alkaline body scours for the vital energy reserves required to rouse its functional-fire-breathing dragon, those ill-mannered micro-beasts will be multiplying; a situation grossly exacerbated by the vile waste they excrete (i.e. pus, fermentation, noxious gas, putrefaction, etc.). This decay-breeding eco-system inflames all the healthy cell and tissue eco-systems around it, quickly turning them just as rogue (think zombie apocalypse on a microbial level). That is what dysfunctional-inflammation-fire looks like and it has many, many names based on where it is taking place in the body. If it’s an “itis” as in bronchitis, tonsillitis, pancreatitis, encephalitis, meningitis, colitis, diverticulitis, and so on, it translates to “inflammation” of that corresponding system/part/gland/organ.




Now, on one hand, Eczema can be seen as the skin organ having a fever. Eczema comes from the Greek “ekzema,” which literally means “something thrown out by heat.” When you see a symptom marked by redness or irritation, there is a true battle of the flames taking place. Dysfunctional-inflammation starting the fire – a kind of microbial pyromaniacs club you might say – and functional-fever-fire working to put it out.


Symptom Origin


One thing all symptoms have in common is their origin. There is one cause of all disease: the interruption of the conductivity of life-force within a given living network. When this happens (either through blockage or severing of the sacred threads of life within that network – both the visible and invisible threads), life stops pulsing in those places. When life detects it’s own network is in jeopardy, it responds protectively. It sends alarm bells to the “chief” of the organism in a way that can be seen and felt (and not enjoyed) so that the hazard might be immediately rectified. So you can see, in the case of Eczema we can see this whole drama played out to at T.


You can quickly strengthen your functional-fire and put out the dysfunctional inflammation with diligent application of life-generating principles. More on THAT tomorrow!


In loving service,


My Name is Fever

My Name is Fever


My name is Fever. I’m not much appreciated. In fact, I’m rather disdained. At the mere hint of me, they seek to put me out. I seek not to harm. I seek to heal. True, there have been times when the body could not sustain the heat needed to kill the threat. But, I was not the threat. I was only trying to help. And almost every time, I did help. But then, some are only remembered, selectively, for their failures.

As they suppress me, I’ll just have to burn hotter the next time because, by then, much more heat will be needed to eviscerate the real danger. And so, suppression of my truth makes me repellant in their eyes….My name is Fever and I’ve been so misunderstood.