Do What is Right

Do What is Right

The Test


If you are struggling right now, remember it’s a testing. You want a quick tutorial for the test? Here you go: don’t do what’s merely expedient; do what’s right. Don’t do what’s easy; do what protects and honors your Soul (and the Source from which your Soul expresses).


Don’t do what the majority does because the majority chooses from fear, programming & conditioning. Don’t continue to make excuses or allowances for people’s patterns of abuse. Don’t be docile when you’re dealing with dangerous, hurtful, harmful people. You will continue to be drained and left to rebuild again & again.


Do what is right, even if it is the harder choice, even if it means having to galvanize courage you don’t access regularly. Do what ennobles your Soul; your Soul is the only true thing of value despite illusions otherwise.


Keep your boundaries solid. You know what is unworthy of entry in your life – often this means cutting ties with those closest to you if they cannot behave and be kind. That is not your fault so stop carrying the shame and responsibility for them. Be bold and unapologetic with what keeps your body, mind & heart intact.


It’s Always a Choice


You’re given choices every second: it comes down to the choice that depletes/drains you and the choice that empowers/energizes you. Anyone who would wish you to lower your boundaries or your standards so they can get in and destroy you (per their historic patterns) needs to be cut out – period.


Your Time to be Fierce is NOW


Time to be tough if you’ve been too allowing and constantly disrespected. Time to be fierce and in your ferocity enjoy all the happiness you deserve. This goes for anything & everything!


In loving service,