Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Food and Drink


Try to avoid drinking a lot with meals, as liquid will dilute your digestive power. In between meals, enjoy clean water, fresh juice and vegetable juice, herbal teas, or any of the other elixirs in the recipe section of The Raw Food Detox Diet. But note that the vegetable elixirs should be enjoyed on an empty stomach for maximum benefit and digestibility.


Although wine, like chocolate, is compatible with this diet program, I do not believe that these substances offer physiological benefits, despite what some studies and news stories say. But when consumed in moderation, these substances don’t interfere with the cleansing process, and they can help make the whole process more fun, approachable, sociable, and pleasing to the senses – which is important!


in loving service,




From The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose

Food Enslavers

Food Enslavers

The Matrix Keeps You Down- By Design


The whole system (a.k.a. the Matrix construct) is designed for your failure. The sooner you come to terms with that, the better chance you will have of saving the exceptional creation you are! It’s all rigged against you, designed to keep you disempowered: docile, ignorant, compliant, disconnected from your Source, confused & deteriorating.


What You Think You Know About Food


Forget everything you thought you knew about food first of all. All that information about eating grains and four square meals, dead animal carcasses, oils, milk from a cows udder, nutritional values & measurements on the backs of boxes of processed, packaged foods. The vaccines, the social retail-holidays all year round centering around feasting on sugar, starch and animal flesh (from Halloween candy to Thanksgiving turkey to the Christmas roast & Easter ham). How bout the programming that tells us we must work to put food on the table (the very food that’s killing everybody!), that we’ll starve if we miss a few meals, the deceptive images of starving children emaciated in the limbs but bloated in the belly (from water poisoning), impoverished by merciless plans laid to cull the population. And the wars, oh the wars for the evil appetites that require bloodshed. The lies and deception are endless and yet they hold our cultural world view together.


So many of you know all of this already. I guess my rant today is just to disband with gentle ways of trying to put things in order to make information palatable. I can’t do it anymore.


Do Something Everyday to Leave the Matrix Behind


Executing on our Matrix programming has to stop. We have to raise the bar without delay, casting off all the vile notions we were programmed to believe. They are insane and they make one insane. Insane means unclean, “not sanitary.” Ironic in these times of over-sanitizing, I know! Another Matrix perversion.


Insane acts and insane thoughts make for an unclean body & mind. This is why it is said that cleanliness is next to Godliness. We have to clean up on every level and create living systems that maintain that state of cleanliness, supporting our true nature which we have yet to see both individually & collectively.


We cannot exploit or participate in cruelty of any kind, not even tangentially – which means we have to stop killing animals for food and stop domesticating the land for production & consumption that only does us harm anyway.


We have to stop the craving to possess everything we see that appeals to our programming to own. We have to pare our possessions waaaay down. We have to stop looking for external stimulation and external validation.


It’s not good enough to get just part of the picture and pat ourselves on the back for applying a few good habits. We have to do it ALL or we will still be colluding with the dark forces and thereby controlled by the Matrix-mind and incapable of ever attaining the sovereign state which is essential to becoming self-realized.


It’s not too much to do. It just seems that way because of the extensive entanglement and programming created by our enslavers. Do something everyday to leave the Matrix behind.


We must be clear: the system is designed for our failure. Look at it closely…every bit of it is false and keeps us from our power while the Matrix cares nothing for you and sees you only as a source of energy for it. Remind you of anything? Think about that next time you’re in a grocery store and you walk by the meat aisle. The people that buy and eat that meat care nothing of the being that was killed for it. It’s just a source of satisfaction for them. The same is true for the Matrix entity. It keeps you right where it wants you – on its ‘farm’ where you’re raised for its purposes. Do you get it now?


Take to the Skies


You escape the farm vertically, not horizontally. You rise in consciousness and then you get the eagle’s perspective and you cannot be controlled once you take to the skies.


Happy exiting! Let’s encourage each other every moment! We need one another. For too long that connection to each other has kept people bound, intimidated to leave behind the untruth that was so obvious and painful. Now, perhaps, we can use the collective human network to our advantage to support one another out of the sticky Matrix web.


Don’t let the unfamiliarity of it all hold you back. Trust that your mind and understanding will shift into higher alignment as you extract yourself. The clarity will increase with you. It’s how the process works.


If you see it, you’re not alone. Rise & fly – up and out!


in loving service,


Natalia Rose