Sun’s Rays Giving Us Galactic Energy

Sun’s Rays Giving Us Galactic Energy

Galactic Energy


Also, please get into the sun as much as possible in these days. I’m telling you, there’s galactic energy coming through on the sun’s rays. This is why the ‘program’ has been urging us to avoid the sun, shield ourselves from the sun, cover up in the sun, and make us petrified of the sun. Everything the ‘program’ tells you is designed to make & keep you weak, sick, ignorant to & disconnected from your power.


It’s not enough to meditate. You need to receive the cosmic rays. There’s more coming through than heat. Remember: light is intelligence. What does that tell you about the sun?!


Obviously take it in appropriate qualities based on how conditioned you are to the suns rays. But get into the light & receive that light and increase your ability to take increased amounts!


in loving service,