Love, NOW!

Love, NOW!

It’s Time!


Let us, at long last, use this vast, global network of connected human hearts for something of unprecedented proportions. I propose we stage the biggest coup in human history to instantly and irrevocably thwart/dissolve war, greed, and perversion in a single day (possibly in less time).


Here’s how: We, the Beautiful, Loving humans that We Truly Are, radiate a state of fully conscious-love so overflowing from our omnipotent, co-resonant hearts that the collective power of our Love-Force eviscerates the vile, controlling forces (we have been enslaved by for so long) to the dust bins of history.


The Window is Now!


The power of love in us is SO strong and WE are SO MANY. If we all unite with one heart in the deepest compassion and unifying love, the dark forces will have to disintegrate.


It’s our choice. It’s been our choice all along! While we still have some threads of Free Will left and this narrowing window of opportunity, before we are irretrievably enslaved, our brains fried by 5-G, our innocence lost by compliance with insanity, while we still have this historic opportunity in our grasp, let us focus with all our might on the most vital properties of love: compassion, understanding & forgiveness. This love is not personal. We must release the tendencies toward the personal. We must collectively sync up with the highest expression of love we can muster up to melt the steel bars of our hellish prisons. The group power creates exponential effects. We Are Powerful Together In Love!


Only Love, No Matter What! Nothing Could Be More Important!


Let’s do this right now! Let us move as ONE human Family Unit with One Emotion this week… Love!


Let us set our hearts on pure compassionate love for one full week – one moment, one hour, one day at a time. If we don’t, we may not recover. Starting Right Now! Who’s In?!


In loving service,