Stay Green-centric

Stay Green-centric

Forbidden Fruit


So many wonderful, well-meaning people encouraging high fruit intake veganism.


I’m not inviting debate here. I’ve spoken on this ad nauseam.


Just remember that fruit is NOT what it was hundreds of years ago (or even a hundred years ago). Today’s fruit is a hybridized candy and it feeds pathogens like you don’t want to know.


Just about everyone is riddled with fungus like candida (yeah, sounds like “candy” right?!) and parasites.


Unless you were raised on a desert island & birthed by the natives of that island, you’ve got to be very careful around fruit. There’s true fruit which grows wildly (not farmed/domesticated). True fruit is naturally very low in sugar and very small in size. And then there is modern fruit which, even if organic, is simply akin to mainlining sugar.


Its a huge discussion and I don’t have time to speak on it fully right now but too many people are being misled and I just had to take a moment to quickly put this up.


Give it some thought: imagine you are a human petri-dish. Think about what modern fruit does inside your body when it meets with putrefaction and ferments the whole time it is going through your intestinal tract. What is the chemical result?


A high-fruit diet is a nice idea in theory but it’s not the reality. Green-centric, cleansers! Stay Green-centric and find peace with simple, non sweet vegetables as your foundation (ideally 85-90% of your intake). Watch the nuts, legumes, grains and vegan substitute foods, and all the ornate raw food treats too, vegans & raw foodists. Sorry, but I’m here to help you restore and become powerful, not tell you tales.


in loving service,