Adventures in the Incorruptible Light

Adventures in the Incorruptible Light

Purity and Light


I’m writing this down to capture the state of being into which I have arrived. I have undergone an enormous shift just in recent days. I thought I had come so far already but nothing compares to what I am embodying now. I feel the most extraordinary purity and light. The incorruptible light which I have set my attention, thoughts, vision, consciousness upon for years now has taken up residence in my whole being in such a way that all the space I fill is clearly goodness. It’s so beautiful. It sparkles in my own vision.


I have the acute ability to see, feel and sense anything that would threaten my power source and respond to it clearly and definitively, without anger or fear.


I’m sharing this because the path I have taken is proving itself to me. However, I will also say that my life, my journey, my path has been very hard – so hard at times I have not wanted to go on.  I’ve said this before but to anyone out there who is struggling to keep going, please do not give up on yourself or on life. What you are suffering from and with are the anti-life, anti-energetic forces (and their residues) that have been acting upon you and that you have been colluding with out of conditioning – Matrix conditioning, false codes.


Keep your mind firmly on the incorruptible things.  Steer away from the addictions and idolatry that have hooked you. And, of course, cleanse constantly – cleanse the body, decontaminate the mental field and achieve purity in the heart. Pristine hygiene in these three areas will lead you here.


I do believe forces are at play at the present moment that are supporting those who are focused on the incorruptible light. These forces are making the anti-energetic dark Matrix forces fall apart. If you do not wish to be part of the disintegration, you have to ‘jump ship’ as it were. Get out while you still can. It’s never easy to tackle one’s demons (addictions, lower inclinations, paths of least resistance), but your life depends on you doing the hard work and purifying yourself.


Unplug from the Matrix


All dark Matrix thoughts and engagements must be walked away from.  Take the time to evaluate your every thought, your every feeling, your every action and determine upon which side it resides: does it reside in the incorruptible light or in the dark Matrix of death.


The cellular waste must leave the cells and tissues through the eliminative channels just as the energetic waste must leave the mental field and the emotion-center which we call the “heart.” However, all three (body, mind and heart) are intrinsically connected.


Unplug from the Matrix and shed its waste and residue from your Being. You cannot go wrong by doing this. Your nature will change.  You will find yourself in a different world – with completely different values. Do not be afraid when that transition between worlds sets in. You will go through a tunnel, like a birth canal. Your life will forever change but you will not want to go back to the lies of the dark Matrix. For it is all lies.


You can begin by expunging the waste from your body by eating clean, pure foods (mostly organic raw and cooked vegetables) and with the imperative use of enemas and colonics.


You can begin purifying your mind by disconnecting from mainstream entertainment and media and realizing how much garbage was programmed into you through those channels.


You can begin to restore the hygiene of your emotions by tracking the origins of dysfunctional, corrosive emotions like jealousy, irrational fear, irrational anger and rage, laziness and other weaknesses (for this work takes enormous discipline) as well as dysfunctional desires which can be identified by the stimulation they evoke.


All these dysfunctional feelings, substances and mental states dehumanize us. That is to say they take us out of our incorruptible light.


Christ is quoted in Matthew 6:22 as saying, “The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, the whole body shall be full of light.” This is true. But consider changing the “eye” to “I”. Yes, I realize that the “eye” may well refer to the pineal gland or third eye. However, that is also where our consciousness enters the body and our consciousness is the “I.” Hence, the “I Am Presence or the “Holy Spirit.”


If that which enlivens us and animates us is Holy (as in pure, whole, incorruptible), then we must accommodate that Supreme Force by establishing a body, mind and heart hospitable to it. “Single” means whole as well – or “holy” as in “Holy Spirit.”


You can embody the incorruptible light and that is all the wealth, value, happiness and inspiration in the world all rolled into one.


False Light Codes


Yes, the false-light-code-world is falling apart.  That which lacks integrity will be revealed now. It will disintegrate because that is what things that lack integrity do. That is what happens to corrosive structures and entities – they rot and perish. Don’t wish for the corrosive to remain; don’t hold onto the old world with any part of yourself. If you do, you’ll just be a part of it’s demise and fall with it. Instead work on building your Soul Force so you can be a functional part of the golden world that will rise in truth. As the old, rotten world falls, the beauty and perfection that was there all along, unseen and misunderstood will be revealed. Moment by moment, “Keep your ‘I’ single to the light, and your whole body shall be full of light.”


When you do this, you will be able to walk thought the disintegrating mess, untainted by it and unafraid of what you see.  We are so much more powerful than we know but we must shed that which suffocates our power, which would snuff out our light in order to be what we were designed to be. Ye are Gods. Reveal yourself to yourself! And please help one another!


in loving service,


Natalia Rose