Stay Free of the Flu!

Stay Free of the Flu!

Free of Influence


“Flu” comes from the Latin “Influenza” which means “influence.”


As someone who has worked incredibly hard to purify my heart, mind and body, I know the terrain of influence exceptionally well. It is a kin to being an unwitting prisoner.


In order to break free of a prison, one has to come to know the workings of the structures and surveillance of their prison precisely and then strategize the escape impeccably and imperceptibly. I’ve spent the better part of the last few years doing this on every level. And I made it.


Like the Count of Monte Cristo, I escaped the ‘island prison’ to which, I, like you all, was otherwise doomed. Our prison cells may be different (but only slightly) and by and large they are built of the stones of very similar influences.


To successfully escape, I studied these world-prison influences and the way they exert their hold onto humans, very carefully.


It is because of this knowledge gained that I implore you to consider all the influences/influenzas beaming their distorting forces on to you. You will not even know it’s happening to you until you take the time and effort and place the requisite attention onto them.


Since we’re talking about the ‘flu’ let’s also discuss viruses. Viruses are an internal event. But they can develop due to external exposure and absorption (unwitting acceptance of distorted light) that’s constantly influencing you.


To meditate is not enough. To meditate in order to identify these influenzas is a far better plan and to identify them and cast them out of your sphere of influence is an essential use of your time, in fact, key to your purpose until that quintessential job is complete.


Your purpose will always be out of your reach so long as you are being beamed on by rays of distorted light. Remember, light is information so false light or distorted light means false information. This turns your otherwise ‘in the image of Creator/Source Soul’ composite of light/Intel into garbled incoherence which manifests, yes as disease and cosmetic ill-appeal, but also prevents you from experiencing life, truth and basic comprehension of your existence, hence keeping you in confusion and at the mercy of the endless slew of influenzas that will otherwise be your life’s-story. This is an unacceptable and inconceivable waste of your existence.


You can either dissolve the influenzas by identifying them and creating boundaries to prevent them or you can transcend the world as I teach in the Exalted Life and exist in a state of consciousness where they can no longer reach you. 


Yes, it’s entirely possible and really not that hard. I will show you & walk with you until you complete this essential life-process.


So much true light,