Rose Cleanse

Rose Cleanse

Juicing until Dinner


The protocol is really simple. From the time you wake up in the morning until five or six o’clock in the evening, consume anywhere from 2 to 4 fresh-pressed, raw vegetable juices—whether from your local juice bar or your own kitchen. (Note: blending vegetables is not juicing. Juicing separates the vital fluid of the plant from the fiber). Yes, fiber is necessary, but not in this instance when we want the juice to go directly into the cells, bypassing digestion. You will get plenty of fiber in your salads.


A primary purpose of taking these hours to juice fast is to avoid the laborious task of digestion so that the body can maximize cleansing. If you are interested in knowing more about why juicing is superior to blending, I address this in my books available on Amazon and have a whole cleanse course based on the concept of juicing till dinner, called the “Rose Cleanse”. Juicing ‘til dinner is a sure way to create a sustainable cleansing lifestyle with longevity.


The Rose Cleanse


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How Should We Pour Life-Juice into Decaying Tissues?

How Should We Pour Life-Juice into Decaying Tissues?

Life-Juice and Decaying Tissues


How should we pour life-juice into decaying tissues? Very carefully! And, what wine and green juice have in common…


Theological Texts


Whether you have a religious affiliation or not, it bears appreciating that the ancient theological texts (from all spiritual traditions) are filled with clues to the crucial Natural & Universal Laws that govern your life. As I hope you are realizing, being knowledgeable and in-sync with these laws determines whether you thrive or not.


New Wine into Old Wineskins


When an individual with biblical knowledge complains to me about an uncomfortable reaction upon drinking green juice, I will immediately direct them to the admonition in Luke 5:37-38 that reads: “And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins, spilling the wine and ruining the skins…new wine must be poured into new wineskins.” The connection is this: your digestive tract is like the old wineskins. It is rancid and filled with the residue of antiquated fermentation and unfavorable microbes. The green juice is the ‘new wine,’ the life-generating microbes. The unfavorable microbes (a.k.a. pathogens) will recoil and flare up when met with these ‘new wine’ microbial ‘beings’ (for they are like little beings) in the same way that we see the ‘devilish energy’ flare up and sizzle when met with the holy water in the movie, The Exorcist. Now, please also note that the complaint is a cause of the individual having chosen to ingest a far too concentrated alkaline formulation for their unique cleansing transition level. It is not a fault of the green juice (the ‘new wine’) per se but of this density of alkalinity meeting with this quality of tissues and quantity of matter and gas pressure (the ‘old wineskins’).


Diluted vs More Potent Juices


This is why it is critical to start with the more diluted formulations like cucumber and romaine lettuce (with lemon/ginger/stevia optional), rather than go full tilt juicing kale, dandelion, chard and parsley (the darker the greens the more medicinal; the more medicinal, the more life-force potency (centripetally spinning activated electrons), which must be tempered if there are blockages and a high degree of pathogens in the body/wineskins)!


Gradual Progression


As the old microbes depart (through natural bowel elimination, colonics, enemas and deep sweating), a greater percentage of darker greens can be introduced with excellent results. Remember we cannot break Natural & Universal Law; we can only break ourselves against them. Putting new wine in old wineskins (both literally per the biblical narrative and figuratively in this green juice scenario) are prime examples of breaking oneself against ‘the law.’

There are countless parables that serve to reinforce the laws and their applications in light of our cleansing endeavors. In my dream world, I’ll get to more of them in short order. They offer up new understanding to the parables themselves and shed much light on why the cleansing experiences present as they do.


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