Splash Your Way to Happiness

Splash Your Way to Happiness

Splash your way to happiness!


This must be the most authentic way to access endorphins and our ‘feel good’ hormones second only to hard core work outs. I just did both (hard core work out and cold plunge). Now I’ll jump into my infrared sauna! Pumping the life force!


If you don’t have a natural water source near you, there’s always the option of a quick ice bath or a cold shower. This kind of cold enlivens the body – the cells respond and lethargy is transformed into kinetic energy! Your whole body switches on.


Wim Hoff of course is the master teacher of cold therapy, but I’m just doing it my way – no special breathing – just delighting in the elements and it’s working wonders!


This water is about 12 degrees Celsius (approx. 53 degrees Fahrenheit). Luckily the sun peeked out which always makes it easier!


In loving service,