The Light Explained: What’s Being Asked of Us All

The Light Explained: What’s Being Asked of Us All

The Light, Explained


We all hear it all the time, people referring to the Light as in “light & love” and “dark vs. light” and “light warriors,” “light-workers,” etc. It’s important to really define what “the LIGHT,” really means.


The Light means “incorruptibility.” To call yourself a Lightworker is to say that you are wielding the powers of incorruptibility. “The Light” is the energy, frequency & vibration of God or Source or the Supreme Creator (as you prefer to refer to it). So as we use this term, let’s be very clear to understand it. For its accurate understanding will give you real power and effectiveness. It’s misunderstanding will result in the opposite.


What is Incorruptibility?


Incorruptibility is a hard thing for most people to accept as an aspirational attribute – most people think such a thing is beyond their abilities. I’m here to tell you that your ability to be the embodiment of incorruptibility is entirely within your reach (it just takes knowledge and practice) and I believe it is where our attention must now be focused. Ponder just how accessible incorruptibility can be if you simply release the lies from the corrupt Mind-matrix which has led humans to believe in their innate filthiness and weak nature instead of their inherent nobility.


These last two years, my students have been actively focused on embodying incorruptibility with great success. They have chosen this aspirational focal point because they have learned that it is the singular solution to the world’s errors, to canceling their accumulated programs and to successfully addressing their most difficult real-life-challenges.


Light from God/Source/Supreme and light from the sun are incorruptible. They do not rot. The same is true for gold. Dark greens are synthesized sunlight which is why they are the perfect food for light-beings such as us. All other foods are inclined to rot. But wild, medicinal greens (like wild dandelion, arugula, parsley, etc.) struggle to rot and when they transition over, their life force escapes into the ethers to become a pure animating force elsewhere in the biosphere.


Aspire to Incorruptibility


Light workers, when you grasp incorruptibility as the quintessential quality of Light, you will come to embrace incorruptibility despite any current inclinations you may still be carrying that are impure. Don’t be afraid to aspire to being a pure vessel with pure thoughts, pure feelings and pure actions. Naturally, it’s a hard won path that includes all the requisite shadow work and exorcising of one’s own inner demons. But it is doable!


Light workers, Light warriors, this is what is being asked of us. If we are to live the truth of what it means to be of, for and in the Light, we can’t live out a dim version of the light. If we do we will reap a dim life, incline to plenty of rot. If you wish to be a Light worker, incorruptibility is the only way. You can become incorruptible, totally disinclined you rot on any and every level.


This reminds me of one of my favorite Biblical verses: Matthew 6:19-20: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt and where thrives do not break in and steal.”


The Light is the right thing to be focused on. We just need to be clear that it is synonymous with incorruptibility. We need to know what we are claiming, what we are fighting for and hence, what that requires of us.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose