Money & the Matrix

Money & the Matrix

Money is Evil


Please release the false light code that has you believing that money is “just energy” and that we can use this energy in a spiritual framework to manifest material abundance for ourselves on earth and enjoy loads of money, cars, a big house, etc. These are false-light-manifestation teachings which keep you just as ensnared in and tempted by the Matrix – merely couched in New Age spiritual philosophy. It’s just another trap.


Money is evil. It is antithetical to our humanness – it is as ludicrous a concept as asking cells in the body to transact in a monetary format.


The only reason we believe money is a ‘must’ is because of the darkest Matrix programming which has only one mission: to keep us ignorant of our true light. It does this by drilling false light (false knowledge masquerading as true knowledge) into us. We collectively buy-in (allow the pun) even though nothing could feel so wrong or imbalanced or cause so much suffering. We override common sense and go with the entrainment.


Money Robs us of Our Energy Source


At the very least, while we still must, until the critical mass of awakened people is reached, let’s be conscious of the truth about the construct of money. It is designed to keep us out of abundance, not in abundance. It is designed to rob us of our energy source, not represent our energetic investment. Like all things of the Matrix, here we have yet another inversion/perversion of life, a reversing of truth.


Please do not try to spiritualize money. If you do that, you are desecrating the Creator and Creation and further distancing yourself from that Benevolent Source/Force.




Yes to abundance – abundance is a central quality of the Natural world (before man desecrates Her with Matrix programmed evil codes which he is not conscious of but nevertheless carries out, like a well-programmed robot).


Abundance would return and all would be restored to perfect balance if we walked away from money and any such form of trade like barter, which is no different.


The opposite of a monetary system is not poverty or lack. The opposite of concrete is not the absence of ground to stand on. It is earth underfoot – nourishing fertile earth. I think this is a rather good analogy.


Man is not inherently lazy – man doesn’t need money to be motivated to productivity. Man is inherently inspired and productive. But for the Matrix construct that has hijacked us, we would have more than we could even dream of – and not just material comforts but more joy, more inspiration, more innovation & creativity, more love, more beauty and beautiful relationships, more trust, more authenticity, more generosity & more aliveness in every way!


Glorifying an evil in any form, but namely for this conversation, money, only gives it more false light power. May we one day only know a “bank” as the land upon which a river gently laps.


in loving service,



Illusionary Matrix ‘Wealth’ = An Invisible Virus

Illusionary Matrix ‘Wealth’ = An Invisible Virus

Greed, Vanity and Fear


Taking more than what we need is a virus from the Matrix. Isolated, this virus can be understood as  factors of greed, vanity & fear – all of which are addictions. If you’re familiar with the term “Wetiko,” that is a great way of understanding the greed/vanity/fear ‘virus’ in part. But even comprehending Wetiko is merely a stepping stone.


The false light Matrix (again false light = false knowledge/false information as light is information), usurps our mind and directs us to being enamored with what IT has deemed valuable, luxurious & desirable by Matrix-programming. But these are all lies – lies which transmit a terrible virus that is invisible but life-destroying.


Wealth, Luxury, and Success


We must see the illusions of wealth, luxury, success, status, etc. for what they are. We are not free when we become rich in worldly terms. Unless you are one of the very few who remains in sync with Natural Law despite possessing abundant material wealth, you are suffering from a virus, and if I may go a step further, a form of insanity. If we are not free then how can we be successful? There is no true success without freedom. The degree to which we are truly free (having re-accessed our true light) is the degree to which we are alive, truly alive, not merely having a heartbeat.


I am only pointing this out so we can remediate ourselves from this terrible virus. The virus can begin to be cured by righting our understanding of wealth.


Regardless of whether you stand on the side of being wealthy by worldly standards or impoverished by worldly standards (or anywhere in between,), you have received the same ‘coding’ from the Matrix Mind-field as per wealth and value.


There is no envying those who possess ‘worldly’ wealth when you understand this virus they suffer from. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not judging anyone with material wealth. It’s just the way it is. My job is to help anyone who’s interested in understanding the way this works, to be healed, which begins with awareness/knowledge.


True Health and True Wealth


When we understand the fundamentals of life and sovereignty, true wealth & true health, we can redirect our course and not be deceived by what we have been coded to believe should satisfy us or what we should want to attain. Our goals will change in light of this canceled false light code and our relationship with consumption on all levels changes.


Wherever we consume more than what we need we will suffer. This is self-evident. The degree to which we consume more than we require in any form is the degree to which we suffer sicknesses on all levels.


Over Consumption


And think beyond mere consumption of physical possessions and food which are obvious. Consider also over-consumption of sex (especially dysfunctional sex which is sadly what is most practiced), over-consumption of other people’s energy through drama or control, over-consumption of sound frequencies, media, etc. For all over-consumption there is a price that must be paid by the one who over-consumes. The price is freedom, well-being, clarity, connection with one’s true light.


Any directives encouraging you to indulge in over- consumption all come straight from the Matrix-construct because the Matrix’s only aim is to consume your energy and keep you in the dark about your true light and the real power you would have if you were not chasing your tail on the hamster wheel it has secured you to through ITs mind control.


It’s a process. But the more we wake up to the false light codes and how they rob us of our aliveness (our true light), the more we can (finally!) come alive!


in loving service,


Natalia Rose