Life Generating Substances

Life Generating Substances

From a purely dietetic standpoint, here is a list of all the life-generating substances:


  • All organic raw fruits and vegetables (including avocado)


  • All organic raw fruit and vegetable juices


  • Organic Young coconuts and water


  • Living spring water


  • Vital air


  • Mother’s milk for babies


  • Love, joy, gratitude, peace and other balanced states of being/ high vibration emotions


Note: the way fruits and vegetables are grown and picked heavily impacts their vitality and the effect (alkaline vs. acidity) they will have upon your cells, tissues and bloodstream.

Neutral foods are neither acidic nor alkaline.



Here is a list of neutral foods you are encouraged to include:


  • Organic cooked vegetables (all types)


  • Organic Mature coconuts


  • Organic Cooked starch vegetables (yams, sweet potatoes, butternut, acorn, pumpkin, etc.)


in loving service,