Essential Oil of Peppermint

Essential Oil of Peppermint

Is it almost Summertime for you? It is for me!


Hot tips to cool a sweltering, summer heatwave with one special substance!


On a hot hot day, we could all use a cool companion. Essential oil of peppermint is just that. Peppermint is cooling in the extreme.


I place a drop on my tongue and apply tiny dabs just inside my nasal passages – this will cool you down & kill pathogens in the throat & sinuses. So definitely use it that way if you are in moldy places or feel you may have been exposed to air-born germs.


And for further cooling I’ve got 3 more tips for using essential oil of peppermint:


  1. Place a few drops on the soles of your feet which will cool you quickly and last a good hour or so.


  1. Put a few drops in your water. Mint is intensely Yin which is why She is so cooling.


  1. Place a drop on the top of the head at the crown and in the case of migraines, also on the temples.


Reduce Fevers with Peppermint Oil


N.B. I have used this method successfully many times to reduce fevers naturally when parents were nervous about the fevers their children were running but did not want to medicate them. The oils work synergistically with the body so they will never interfere with a necessary process like burning off the ‘bad stuff’ but the body will use them to the degree it needs them if/when it does. It’s always a compliment, never a detriment.


May you feel much more at ease this summer with your cool companion, Madame Peppermint!


In loving service,




Essential Oil Basics for the Nose, Throat & Hands

Essential Oil Basics for the Nose, Throat & Hands

Essential Oil Basics for the Nose, Throat & Hands




Using a fresh Q-tip or your pinky finger, place a tiny 1/4 drop of essential oil of peppermint at the entrance to your nasal passages. This will help kill off any rogue microbes you breathe in, protecting your lungs.


Cinnamon Bark


Get essential oil of cinnamon bark (not cinnamon leaf) and, making sure you’re the only one to use it, place the top of your tongue to the top of the little vial so as to only get a drop or less on your tongue (otherwise it’s way too strong/spicy – but if you accidentally take too much there will be an intense heat for exactly 30 seconds which will stop as surely as it started).


Get a vial of cinnamon bark oil for everyone in your care. Teach them to do this throughout the day.


These oils are pathogen slayers and they are adaptogenic, meaning they do whatever the immune system needs them to do. Just don’t get the peppermint or cinnamon oils in your eyes or on your skin or it will be very uncomfortable.


Cooling and Heating


The peppermint is extremely cooling and the cinnamon is very hot. Only ever use carrier oils to deal with accidental over use of essential oils as carrier oils (I.e., olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, etc.) will decrease the intensity of essential oils but water will drive the essential oils deeper into the tissue.


Don’t be afraid of using essential oils though. They are one of the most effective tools out. Just use them with care and you’ll benefit tremendously! Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the palms of your hands throughout the day (rose geranium is lovely and very powerful but lavender, ylang ylang, neroli, etc. are all brilliant) either used neat (meaning without a carrier oil, as in undiluted) or with a bit of pure coconut oil or aloe vera (this makes a great, natural hand sanitizer).


in loving service,






Big Bedtime Tip #1

Big Bedtime Tip #1

My Big #1 Bedtime Tip


I keep essential oil of cinnamon bark & essential oil of peppermint at my bedside & bathroom so if I wake up in the night I can put a tiny drop on my tongue, thereby enhancing my oral hygiene throughout the night. Also a super trick for having superb breath upon rising! Keep it close by for close encounters.


Cinnamon Bark and Peppermint


These two essential oils are ideal for internal use. The way I use them is- I literally place my tongue to the top of the vial because any more than a tiny bit is toooooo much. Quantity of application is critical. Cinnamon bark is intensely heating, while all the mints are intensely cooling. They are both great all day & anytime (particularly good mid-training too).


The nighttime dosing is a highly sophisticated way of keeping the oral cavity and digestive tract pathogen free, fresh & hygienic over night while most people’s oral cavities are expunging muck with no defense!


In loving service,




Tomorrow: Bedtime Tip #2!