Using the Known to Prepare you for the Unknown

Using the Known to Prepare you for the Unknown

The Unknown


One thing is clear: that SO much is unclear. We await so many answers. We are up to our eyeballs in the unknown. That can feel hugely destabilizing and has been down right scary for many of you.


What I’d like to show you is how we can use the known to get us through periods where so much is unknown. Our ancestors have done this to survive in even more dire & trying times and it is truly all we can do right now. Not only will understanding this get you across the bridge with your mind, body and heart in tact but it can make you a better, stronger, more resilient, better version of yourself in the long-run. Yes, all the unknowns can ultimately leave you better off if you approach this juncture with the empowering perspective I would like to share with you.


The Known


We know that our own personal actions and thoughts, especially our physical, mental and emotional hygiene, determines our own personal outcomes. A clean life, a clean heart & a clean mind dedicated to operating in harmony with the laws of Life will consistently result in our personal upgrades.


We know that if we work with the Forces of Goodness we will be in the right no matter what is happening around us. We also know that there are opposing evil forces that we need to steer far clear of, knowing with absolute certainty where our loyalties are aligned.


We know that qualities like courage, compassion, chastity, harmlessness, faith in the Supreme Forces of Goodness and adherence to the Supreme Laws build our Soul Force and keep us protected from all dangerous, harmful forces. But we must build those qualities so that they can act as a shield and preserver for ourselves and our children.


We know that developing these qualities and building our strengths is not easy. Discipline needs to be our ally. We need to embrace the hard work of becoming better and embodying these qualities.


By contrast, we also know that if we are not courageous, kind, chaste, harmless and faithful to the Forces of Goodness but instead are weak, vengeful, indulgent and attuned to the forces of evil, masked in its myriad forms of consumption and entertainment, then we will surely disintegrate and merely be more food for the vampirical, parasitic entities that aim to fully pervert and destroy life.


To a certain extent all that matters is what we choose to be in this moment in time. In the end we know that this is a great test of our character.  And knowing that, we actually know all we really need to know.


So while the chaos intensifies as it no doubt will, you can move into deeper intimacy with your still point which becomes nearer to you as you develop and embody the principles and character traits which align with the Supreme Forces of Goodness & Light and build your Soul-Force.


Knowing this, you know more than you think & all you may actually need to know.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose