Knowing how to bring your body into clean-celled wholeness is essential knowledge for anyone at any age. Whether you are new to the concept of detoxification or a veteran cleanser, this course will provide you with your next steps. If you are a beginner, you will save yourself from misguided cleansing protocols; if you are intermediate, you will gain critical information for your next leaps; and, if you are an advanced cleanser, remember there is no end point to elevating the quality of the blood and tissues and you too will find you can reach yet another exciting stage!


Here’s the breakdown of each module:


Module 1: Introduction to Toxicity


We establish the fundamental precepts of toxicity and the process of purposeful detoxification. By the end of this module you will have gained essential clarity on the process of detoxification.


Module 2: The Solution to Toxicity


In this class you will learn the two-step process for undoing the damage and renewing the system.  The method is precise and profoundly empowering!


  • You will become fully empowered to create a clean-celled body which is synonymous with perfect health and a gorgeous appearance.


  • You will know how to keep your cells clean and your body’s pathways open and flowing for perfect, symptom-free health.


  • You will have the knowledge you need whether you are hoping for a more attractive appearance, freedom from weight battles or an end to crippling ailments.


  • You will never be confused again by health, weight-loss or detoxification myths or marketing schemes.


  • You will know the direct route; it will be impossible to be misled by misguided concepts or sneaky advertising.


  • You will become your own health authority, standing in the light in a world where even the most well-intentioned health seekers often still find themselves grasping for candles in the dark.




in loving service,